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What is Cloud Computing? Life and Business Online

por Essie Josephson (2018-10-05)

With all this mention clouds, I decided to delve a little bit deeper into this new buzz what is this "cloud" anyway? I got on my small laptop and went right to the cause... Google. I typed in "Google Google’s Cloud AutoML" thus hitting the search button on Google. I found many results, 85,900,000 to become exact. Many of the results for the first page were for Google's new Docs and Print programs. While these results all correspond with the niche, I wanted to determine the homepage for the "cloud", so I kept looking. The website offers a simple format where searches show up in a tag cloud form, with emphasis around the more popular searches. So naturally, I searched for your term "Google Cloud" here too, That sent me returning to the initial search engine results on Google. I came returning to the articles on Docs and Print to determine if they offered anymore insight. It was during these blog write-ups that I begun to receive an idea what are the "cloud" really meant.

If you are not really acquainted with what Google Apps is precisely, then, from your wikipedia entry on it: Google Apps is a service from Google providing independently customizable versions of various Google products within custom url of your website. It features several Web applications sticking with the same functionality to traditional office suites, including: Gmail, Google Groups, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites.

Cloud computing isn't doubt one of many hottest trends in technology right now, however with this ease of access also comes a price. Besides just the well-known monetary cost, which ranges depending on provider, the clouds are available with hidden risks. Many privacy advocates have voiced concerns by what companies that offer these clouds do with the information on them. Sure, in principle, the clouds appear to be a good idea, however are we letting big corporations know too much about us? Aside from that, Google still will not offer encryption on its cloud, using the exception of log-in information. This is a constant debate, as technology is usually evolving and privacy is slowly eroding, as we move further in to the future.

Gmail could are a symbol of 'Great Mail' because it is precisely what it really is. For a start you get 25GB of email storage which means you never have to be worried about filling your email account. You have more than enough room and may have around 25,000 contacts, yes you heard that right, twenty-five thousand contacts all in one location!

As with all new marketplaces though, it is not easy to get the best applications in order to meet your requirements. Not only because the needs you have are specific for a business, but also because every company wants one to feel that their software program is right for their market. That is where you need an unbiased body reviewing the application available and offering feedback, opinions and insights in to which application is the greatest, and why.

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