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China calls for science-based COVID measures against travellers...

por Marty Riddell (2023-02-02)

BEIJING, Jan 10 (Reuters) - China's foreign ministry on Tuesday called on relevant countries to base their COVID-19 prevention measures on facts and science.

COVID prevention measures should not be discriminatory, and not affect the normal people-to-people exchanges between two countries, China's foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a briefing.

Menengok Aksi Esti Puji Lestari, Srikandi Sepakbola Jepara - INDOSPORT

China has told travel agencies that it has stopped issuing new visas in Japan for travel to China, https://srikandijepara.com/ Kyodo news agency said on Tuesday, quoting multiple sources in the travel industry.

(Reporting by Beijing Newsroom; Editing by Himani Sarkar)

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