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Interior design: Where art meets imagination Part I

por Rudolf Beavis (2020-02-25)

Whether a building, complex or a dwelling, when it comes to the design and decoration, many people consider hiring a professional expert and everyone knows that the interior designers are the best in this. They can give a clear idea of how an apartment should be designed and additionally they can provide contacts and better resources of the materials.

The work of an interior <a href="https://rumahartis2020.art.blog/2020/02/25/cat-ulang-bilik-rumah-anda/">desain rumah terbaru</a> designer is quite a tough job. It requires multiple skills such as the calculative perfection of an accountant and creativity and imagination of tan artist. The combination of both makes a finest interior designer. They are responsible for the structural assessment of the whole house including the designing of each room, kitchen and lavatory. Designing the walls; corridor; stairs, if any; the places where the furniture can be placed; an idea about the color and background and other details can also be handled by them.

<b>What are the capabilities an interior designer requires?</b>

Choosing interior designing as a profession can be a pretty beneficiary if combined with hard work and integrity. A good and accredited education is needed for becoming an interior designer. A bachelor´s or postgraduate degree is an obligatory qualification for working in this field. Along with that, a little knowledge, skill, dedication and zest are the main requirements.

Once you have acquired a degree, you have taken a big step, but that is not enough. It may seem very easy, but you should have an innate knack for textiles, architecture, spatial arrangements and color.

A flair and passion for ideas and an ability to play with them and modify them at times are certainly some good qualities which can help you to reach your goal as an interior designer. This is one of the main signs which help you to recognize the best interior designers in Kolkata.

Though creativity is a significant part, but this is very important to understand that interior designing is only <a href="http://www.caringbridge.org/search?q=imagination">imagination</a>. Artistic ideas are not enough for pursuing a good career as an interior designer. It needs much more than that. The designers should have persistent knowledge of design, building codes, ergonomics, structural veracity of buildings, dimensional concepts, ethics, <a href="http://data.gov.uk/data/search?q=sensibility">sensibility</a> and a good sense of computer-aided drawing or CAD.

Along with that, the interior designers should maintain a good relation with the contractors, architects, builders, business owners and government agencies and should obtain a handful of contacts of good resources. This helps the owner of the building to acquire the best quality resources in the safest and affordable way.

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ISSN: 1980-5861