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Wizz Air becomes first airline in UK to resume overseas flights

por Lora Stead (2020-05-17)

As airline giants easyJet, Ryanair and British Airways remain grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic, the industry's future looks bleak.

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Wizz Air flyers were able to take to the skies from today but had to don a facemask, sit two metres away from each other and forget about the prospect of in-flight food.

The low-cost Hungarian company is the first to restart commercial routes from the UK to European destinations including Portugal, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

The Mangusher family, Dad Gergi (left), his wife Nina and their sons Kristian, 18 (right), and Stivan, 11, (second on the left), boarded the flight to visit their family in Bulgaria

Travellers were seen wearing masks outside the airport terminal as three flights arrived and departed from Luton today

The airline carrier introduced new hygiene measures, such as passengers and crew wearing face masks and removing inflight magazines, to combat the spread of the virus

One passengers was seen on board the plane arriving from Sofia this morning with a face mask on

Wizz Air's new safety measures include compulsory face masks, 온라인슬롯머신사이트 hand wipes for passengers and the removal of in-flight magazines

Wizz Air was set up by Hungarian businessman József Váradi in 2003 to try to make flying accessible for more people.

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