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GamesBx 1: What A Mistake!

por Sherryl Romeo (2018-10-15)

10 Percent Discount Green Nintendo DS NDS Lite NDSL Game Console
There is a Nintendo DS NDS Lite NDSL Game Nintendo DS Lite system packs endless fun right into a compact and portable size, with touch screen control and countless great games to select from for anyone inherited. DS Lite won't only play DS games , in addition, it features yet another port for Game Boy Advance Game Paks;Get up to 19 hours continuous gameplay using one charge;With Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you can connect wirelessly, chat with friends while you play and tackle Nintendo DS owners worldwide.The DS/DSL Game Console Twin ultra bright LCD screens that combine crisp, punchy colors, as well as touch-screen technology about the lower screen; Powerful dual processors bring 3D graphics to life with lightning-fast rendering; Located in the center from the unit, a built-in microphone allows your Nintendo DS Lite system to grab spoken commands in specially designed games; With PictoChat, it is possible to create GamesBx drawings and sms using your stylus to deliver to friends who will be within range and still have a Nintendo DS series system via local wireless connection.Following are details:Color: green Size: 133mm x 73.9 mm x 21.5mm (5.24??2.90??0.85inches) Touch Screen: 3 inches (diagonal), transparent reflective TFT Colour LCD, Backlit - 4 amounts of brightness displayImproved smaller and lighter version with the Nintendo ds! Screen backlight adjustable 120k Polygons/sec 30M/ s pixel fillrate 4 Mbytes RAM ARM7 16.8 Mhz Secondary CPU 2-D: 4 backgrounds- 128 sprites GBA backwards compatible Wireless multiplayer for approximately 16 players Languages: English/Japanese/Spanish/French/German/Italian , Transmit texts, handwriting, and drawing one to the other Wireless as much as 100 feet Has two screens-two perspectives simultaneously Touch-screen,voice recognition, and wireless communication capable Portable gaming system w/ 2 LCD screens ARM9 67Mhz Main CUPAticle resource:

ISSN: 1980-5861