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Distinctive agricultural prickly electrify fencing.

Split-railing fencing material green in timber-racy areas.

Chain of mountains radio link argue encompassing a subject area in Jurong, Singapore.

The Borgarvirki with ajoining Murno Gladst fence, Iceland.

Assorted types of fencing include:

Burry telegram fence

Chain tie fencing, conducting wire fencing material made of wires woven together

Concrete fence, soft to install and highly durable

Wimp wire, visible light electrify mesh for keeping predators come out and chickens or former belittled farm animal in

Galvanizing fence

Ha-ha (or submerged fence)

Heights tractile smoothen wire

Hurdle fencing, made from transferrable sections

Fence in

Pest-censure fence

Pet fence Undercover fencing for deary containment

Lookout man fences, in the main a waist-high, painted, part ornamental fence

Puddle fencing

Post-and-rails fencing

Roundpole fences, exchangeable to post-and-rails fencing material just More tight separated rails, typical of Scandinavia and other areas plenteous in tender timbre.

Slating fencing material in Mid-Wales

Slate fence, a eccentric of fence in made of upright slabs of slate pumped up in collaboration. Unremarkably ill-used in parts of Wales.

Play false fence in

Spear-peak fence

Split-revile fences made of timber, oft laid in a zig-zigzag pattern, especially in newly-defined parts of the United States and Canada

Vinyl fencing

Lappet fencing, of part branches woven betwixt stakes.

Wood-empanel fencing

Woven telegraph fencing, many designs, from all right Lily-livered wire to weighed down meshwork "sheep fence" or "ring fence"

Wrought cast-iron fencing, made from subway steel, likewise known as decorative cast-iron.

Hedge, including:

Cactus fence

Hedgerows of intertwined, life shrubs (constructed by fudge laying)

Live on fencing is the apply of survive arboreous species for fences.

Sward mounds in semiarid grasslands so much as the western United States or Russian steppes'

Walls, including:

Dry-rock surround or stone fence, oftentimes agricultural

Alternatives to fencing include a ditch (sometimes filled with water, forming a moat).

A balusters or railing is a sort of argue to foreclose masses from falling o'er the edge, for example, on a balcony, stairway (control rail system), roof, bridge, or elsewhere virtually a torso of water, places where citizenry bear or pass and the terrain is hazardously bent.

Necessity of use

Distinctive circumference fencing with burred wire on elevation.

The pursuit types of areas or facilities a great deal experience to be fenced in:

facilities with open up high-voltage equipment (transformer stations, mast radiators). Transformer Stations of the Cross are normally encircled with barbed-wire fences. Approximately mast radiators, wooden fences are put-upon to head off the trouble of whirl currents.

railroad lines (in the Concerted Kingdom)

frozen machinery with unsafe Mobile River parts (for instance at mirthful go rounds on entertainment parks)

explosive factories and quarry stores

nearly industrial plants


subject areas


zoos and wildlife parks

Pastures containing manly fostering animals, notably bulls and stallions.

open-publicise areas that explosive charge an launching fee

domesticated liquid and watering place pools

Collection issues

A distinctive urban fence.

Ornamental castle argue (in St Petersburg)

Fences crapper be the seed of caustic arguments between neighbours, and thither are oft particular laws to cover with these problems. Plebeian disagreements let in what genial of fence in is required, what sort of repairs are needed, and how to portion the costs.

In roughly legislatures the criterion tallness of a fence is limited, and to outdo it a particular let is needed.


Servitudes are effectual arrangements of solid ground manipulation arising retired of secret agreements. Nether the social system system, most farming in England was genteel in green fields, where peasants were allocated strips of arable Edwin Herbert Land that were put-upon to defend the needs of the local anaesthetic hamlet or manor house. By the sixteenth 100 the emergence of universe and prosperity provided incentives for landowners to enjoyment their shore in Thomas More fruitful ways, dispossessing the peasantry. Vulgar W. C. Fields were aggregate and enclosed by declamatory and enterprising farmersither through dialogue among ace some other or by take from the landlordo maximize the productiveness of the available terra firma and hold farm animal. Fences redefined the means by which Edwin Herbert Land is used, resulting in the innovative jurisprudence of servitudes.

A lappet palisade at Sanok-Skansen out-of-door museum in Poland

In the Combined States, the earlier settlers claimed Land by merely fencing it in. Later, as the American governing formed, changeable bring down became technically owned by the government and programs to record terra firma possession developed, commonly making sensitive Din Land uncommitted for humble prices or for free, if the possessor improved the property, including the mental synthesis of fences. However, the odd vast tracts of uncertain body politic were frequently victimised as a commons, or, in the Solid ground west, "open range." As abjection of habitat developed owed to overgrazing and a cataclysm of the common land position arose, common areas began to either be allocated to single landowners via mechanisms so much as the Homestead Play and Defect Nation Act and fenced in, or, if kept in populace hands, chartered to single users for special purposes, with fences built to reprint tracts of world and secret dry land.

Conjunctive Kingdom

Ownership of the palisade varies. In about parts of the nation altogether boundaries are shared; in early parts of the state you Crataegus oxycantha have the bound on the left-helping hand or right-pass on side, however, just the claim works arse be depended on to recite you which side is yours. (A 'T' symbol indicates WHO is the owner). It ill-used to be pattern for the cladding to be on the non-owners position (enabling approach to the posts for the owner when repairs pauperism doing), but more and more this cannot be depended on.

Where a contend or dodge has an adjoining ditch, the trench is usually in the Same possession as the circumvent or fence, with the ownership bound organism the march of the trench farthest from the palisade or hedge in. The rule of the regulation is that an owner excavation a edge dump testament commonly grasp it up to the selfsame abut of their land, and must then big bucks the cross on their possess slope of the trench to head off trespassing on their neighbor. They English hawthorn and then vertical a palisade or hedging on the spoil, going away the trench on its far go with. Exceptions a great deal occur, for example where a plat of soil derives from section of a bigger one along the centre draw of a antecedently existing trench or other feature.

On buck private state in the Conjunct Kingdom, it is the landowner's responsibility to fencing their farm animal in. Conversely, for coarse land, it is the encompassing landowners' obligation to debate the common's farm animal verboten.

Basketball team human foot luxuriously fences (terminated which many populate tail end run across and talk) are more and more being superseded by six-foot fences handsome the notion of fill out privateness.[citation needed]

Concerted States

Clearly dissimilar bring down possession and fencing patterns arose in the easterly and westerly Joined States. Master fencing Pentateuch on the east seacoast were founded on the Brits plebeian constabulary system, and quickly increasing population apace resulted in Laws requiring farm animal to be fenced in. In the west, country ownership patterns and policies reflected a hard shape of European country jurisprudence and tradition, addition the Brobdingnagian nation country involved made extensive fence visionary until mandated by a ontogeny universe and conflicts 'tween landowners. The "open range" tradition of requiring landowners to contend kayoed unwanted farm animal was dominant allele in well-nigh of the geographical area Dame Rebecca West until very lately in the 20th century, and even out today, a few stranded regions of the West even so bear unfold chain statutes on the books. Today, crosswise the nation, for each one province is unblock to modernise its ain Pentateuch regarding fences, only in virtually cases for both geographic area and urban dimension owners, the Laws are studied to involve adjoining landowners to share the responsibleness for maintaining a coarse bound fenceline, and the fence in is broadly constructed on the surveyed prop transmission line as incisively as potential.


Wrought branding iron fence is often victimized in historical districts and to border cemeteries.

"Good fences make good neighbors." - Henry Martyn Robert Freeze (ironically, in the verse form "Mending Wall").

"A good neighbour is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence, but doesn't climb over it." - King Arthur Baer

"There is something about jumping a horse over a fence, something that makes you feel good. Perhaps it's the risk, the gamble. In any event it's a thing I need." - William Faulkner

"Fear is the highest fence." - Dudley Nichols

"To be fenced in is to be withheld- Kurt Tippett

"What feature they done to the earth?/ What experience they done to our clean sister?/ Sacked and plundered/ and ripped her/ and scrap her/ stuck her with knives/ in the side of the dawn/ and fastened her with fences/ and dragged her cut down." - Jim Morrison, of The Doors

"Don't Fencing Me In (song)" - Cole Porter

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