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por Juliann Robison (2018-10-25)

The Forex Megadroid can be explained with a real story of a Forex Traded, who has tried one of these Forex robots for at least a month.
He had read through many blogs and forums and took the risk of increasing his lot size from micro lots to one lot per trade and also increased the risk ratio by 20%, under the Forex Megadroid settings. This robot gives good results on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It is programmed in such a way that it does not work on Friday and Sunday but all the other days; it had given me outstanding profits.

He had never used an automated trading robot that could earn him profits, so he never expected much out of this. Any ways, to his surprise he had earned a good profit in the first week and imagined that if he had to invest around $100k, how much he would have got as profit.

Actually, the main idea of these trading robots is that it trades daily for you and earns outstanding profits and also makes you get depended on the system. Even, you would not like to trade without the help of the Forex robot. Once you have seen the profits with the robot, even if you like to trade as an in-depended Forex trader; you would never take such risk.

This was found to be an ironic kind of Forex Megadroid and it had a success ratio of 5:1. I think, the robot is designed in such a way that it to have some losing trade, but I ended up in green for the month. This could be surprising for a person, who is very new to the currency market and to the automated trading program.

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