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Tips on How to buy a custom BJJ GI

por Mallory Elrod (2018-11-02)

First, before you buy your custom BJJ GI, you should be sure that you know what your measurements are. The measurements you will need are: your height in centimetres, your shoulders, your arm length, your chest, and your waist. However, don’t try to take them yourself. It is really hard to get accurate measurements on your own. If you can’t find someone to take measurements before you get to the store, ask a salesperson to help you.

Once you know your measurements, you will need to decide what type of BJJ GI you want to own. This kimono is designed so that the jacket has no unnecessary seams or joints in the areas that get the most pressure when fighting. You can find these GIs with either cotton drill or rip stop trousers. The two main cuts of GI are the competition cut and the loose cut. The competition cut has a more tailored fit and is shorter on the trousers and back skirt and the loose cut as the name suggests has a looser cut and feel to it. Some people prefer the competition cut because the GI is closer to your body and gives your opponent less material to grab hold of and makes it harder for him to control you where as some people prefer the loose cut because they feel it gives them more room to move around in when transitioning between different moves and attacks.

Next, you should consider GI fabrics. You can find GI jackets made from single, double, gold and pearl weaves and some even made fully from rip stop. However, single weaves are the most common, and for good reason. The single weave kimono is light in weight and is ideal for hot summer days and competition fighting. Also single weave GI hardly suffer from any shrinkage after washing making this an ideal choice for a custom BJJ GI when you want a tailored fit. Double and Gold weave GI jackets can be made but most people have moved away from these materials because they are heavy, uncomfortable and suffer from shrinkage. Some <a href="http://Www.Encyclopedia.com/searchresults.aspx?q=people%20stills">people stills</a> wear by them so if it’s a style you prefer then you can still get these made. The weave that most people are now using is pearl weave. A pearl weave GI jacket is light in weight, strong, durable, comfortable and suffers the least amount of shrinkage. This GI material is ideal for heavy training or competition fighting making this the best all round material form a BJJ GI.

Other things you need to consider include material and lining of lapel, waist drawstring, weight and material of trousers and also any branding and embroidery. Most lapels are made from cotton but a lot of companies have started using rip stop as this deemed to be stronger and more durable. Lapels can be lined with cotton or rubber. Cotton lined is cheaper but rubber is the much better choice. The rubber lined lapel keeps its shape longer and also helps when drying the GI. Waist drawstrings can be made with flat cotton twill or round rope. The flat cotton twill is the most come used but comes undone often and also can become brittle and break easily. Rope drawstrings are the preferred choice because they are stronger and come undone less frequently. Trousers either come in 8-12 oz cotton drill or rip stop. A lot of new GIs have started using rip stop because these are meant to be stronger than the standard trousers but a lot of people have reported that they rip easier. Most people prefer the older style cott

on drill trousers. If it’s not broke then don’t try to fix it! When it comes to branding you have the choice of patches or embroidery. Patches offer more options when it comes to having pictures or graphics on a GI but they can sometimes become worn and come off after hard training. Embroidery has fewer options when it comes to branding but embroidered images will last forever and a day on a BJJ GI.

Take all these points in to consideration when buying your <a href="https://www.facebook.com/Custom-E-Money-Jakarta-Klikemoneycom-328245754646282/">Custom E Money Jakarta WA 0822-1825-0330</a> BJJ GI and you can’t go wrong.

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