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Templegate's Horse Racing Guidelines

por Carissa Hauck (2019-06-05)

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Darren: That was Jim Wang from Wonderful voice for radio or for podcasting, Jim. Thanks for sharing your story. A couple of factors there in Jim's story. Again, some similarities, I guess, in terms of why he started blogging to Deacon. But I really wanna draw out what he was speaking about with the blunders that he made of treating it as a hobby for as well long and not investing into the business as if it was a company. This truly echoes from my story as effectively. For me, 1st couple of years of my blogging, it was a hobby, and I treated it possibly as a organization 1 day but I didn't really treat it as a company these days. Really for me I saw precisely the same thing when I began to treat my weblog as a business and invested more time and began to invest a small bit of income into the organization, it genuinely did pay off for me.

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