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Gold Mining Management With Mobile Gold Mining Equipment

por Lewis Trivett (2019-09-01)

Innovative off grid solar and wind powered eco-friendly mobile mining gold ore of alluvial processing plants are designed for the harshest of environments such as Africa, Central America and South America.

The new types of sustainable powered eco-Friendly mobile gold and precious metal processing plants are the first of their kind, offering a truly off grid self-contained sustainable energy system. Mobile production mining systems range from small artisan gold mining systems to large high production gold mining units that offer 24/7/365 off grid gold, precious metal, and gemstone (diamonds and precious stones) processing at a 98% efficiency. Powered primarily by sustainable energy and equipped with a mini diesel generator as a standby, mobile gold and precious metal mining equipment allow mining companies in Africa, Central and South America to be mobile and off grid for their energy and gold mining needs.

Mining companies can now process their material anywhere eliminating the high transportation costs of moving their material to a processing plant. Mobile mining processing plants now allow ore and alluvial gold processing at the source.
The eco-friendly mobile gold mining processing plants work off of a series of tables and allow for secure storage of the captured gold and an enclosed lab. Satellite communication or GSM based can be integrated into the gold processing plant allowing for IP based security cameras to allow management to monitor the gold processing operation.
ENERGY SYSTEMS The mobile off grid energy systems are developed to provide power for the following processes; Power the high efficient ½ hp motors that power the linear motion of the tables Power the water pumps utilized for making money the gold concentration process Power the gold vacuum driven collection system Power the LED operational lighting system for the gold processing area Power the energy management and diagnostics including the laptop computer Power optional security camera systems and visual data logging
STANDBY ENERGY SUPPLY & FUEL CONSUMPTIONAs a standby and additional field power source, the mobile gold processing plants can have a 7 KVA diesel generator tied into the power system with automatic switch gear. The automatic switchgear will initiate a generator startup upon a low voltage battery condition that can be caused by a component failure. The Generator at 60% load will utilize 1.5 liters per hour (based upon average field conditions). With the expanded double wall DOT approved fuel cell the mobile gold processing plant has enough fuel for approximately 151 hours of operation.
ENERGY COMPONENTSThe energy equipment standard on all mobile gold mining systems includes 16 US made 300 watt high efficiency solar panels with high quality inverters. Depending on site wind conditions, an optional tilt-up 2.5kW variable pitch wind turbine is installed at the front of the processing trailer. All energy harvesting and control equipment is mounted in the trailer enclosure at the front of the trailer. Each solar panels health and output can be monitored from the laptop computer.
SETUP & DURATIONThe gold  processing plants require less than 2 normal working days, under most conditions, to be setup and running. All connections and assemble points are color coded and numbered for a swift and simple assembly. Each processing plant includes additional hardware and a toolkit capable of servicing all components
SYSTEM OPERATIONAL SAFETYMobile gold processing plants are developed to conform or exceed all engineering, mechanical, and electrical safety standards. All moving parts are painted yellow. All pinch points are guarded and painted red. The supplied electrical components are UL approved (for North, Central and South American markets) and are protected via a GFI supplied electrical system. Two push button E-STOPs should be located on each side of the trailer. The setup of the trailer requires a supplied copper grounding rod to be driven into the ground for the protection of a direct lightning hit in addition to supporting the proper grounding of the sustainable energy harvesting equipment. All electrical wiring is run through PVC conduit. All energy harvesting components are securely wall mounted and connections including wire are shielded from the accidental contact of a site worker. Multilingual advisory placards are strategically located to clearly indicate the potential hazard condition. All electrical components are double grounded. Each component is protected by a properly sized breaker system with matching wire size. Breaker panel is located within the trailer enclosure/lab. Full onsite training is available and supplemented by multilingual easy to read and understand booklets. For illiterate workers, one-on-one training must be provided.
MATERIAL REQUIREMENTSThe material to be processed must be crushed and classified to a size ranging for 150-200 mesh. The material size is very imports for the separation of precious metals form non-value minerals. If the ore material is of high sulfide count a pre-roasting condition may apply. Ferris based metals are captured and removed through a multi-level magnet system located in the feed shoot.
The post-concentration material can be directed to virtually any location on the mine through manual or automatic means. For open sky mines, I recommend the stockpiling of the for the environmental purpose of filling the pit back in.
I also recommends mining companies perform random tailings testing via a small supplemental series of tables mounted on a trailer, or lab testing to ensure the complete capture of high value material.

ISSN: 1980-5861