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What web design should have been for the last 10 years.

por Lachlan Witzel (2019-10-20)

That subject line was first written in 2017.

2 years later, and STILL no-one has caught up with Convertri.

Now, with the addition of the fastest video pages on the web, (and a ton of advanced video features to help you harder and faster than ever)...

...they’re so far ahead of the competition, I can't see anyone catching them.

But I don’t want to talk about the video features in this email.

You can see those here:

I want to talk about where this all started for Convertri sales funnel video page editor, and why in 2019 there’s no other page builder worth using.

I think we can all agree, make money blogging most page builders suck.

They promise complete flexibility and don’t deliver.

Content blocks were great when the tech was first developed.

Back in 2012, being able to divide a row into 4 columns and fill them with stuff without coding was the bomb.

But it’s not 2012 anymore. It’s 2019. And page building tech should be better.

Everyone can tell a page built with an editor like that.

And if you ever want to go off-grid…

Sorry. That needs a call to the web-dev you were told you’d never need again.

But if you want to see what page-building SHOULD be like in 2019, just look at Convertri.

Convertri doesn’t use sections, rows, or columns.

Just take your elements and put them where you want on the page.

You get an amazingly flexible toolkit that lets you build literally anything you can imagine - just like it appears in your head!

The feature set is huge, but here's a few stand out ones...

- Drag and drop elements anywhere. Literally anywhere

- Snap lines and a page grid let you easily line elements up

- Form toolkit enables you to create any form for convertri discount any situation

- Layers system lets you build pop-ups, 2 step opt-ins, sticky headers and more

- Actions allow you to reveal elements on click, scroll, or time-on-page.

There's so much more to tell you about like:

- Share pages and funnels
- Thousands of available web fonts
- Countdown timers
- Exit intent
- Custom CSS
- Custom HTML
- Smart sections

And a mobile page editor that (a) works! (b) produces useable pages and (c) does it all in the push of a button!

Plus, the launch deal comes with 45 page templates so whatever you're trying to do, there’s always a template ready for you.

Better still... there's the SPECTACULAR page importer, which lets you clone any of your existing pages in the Convertri editor.

Add to that their weekly updates which have happened every week since they launched in 2016, including a Christmas Day update in 2018!

Their incredible support both on the desk, and in the Facebook community.

And you've got one of the very best "Software As A Service" experiences you'll ever get.

And right now, you can get the most up-to-date version, fresh for 2019 and more powerful than ever, for an incredible deal:

This offer is shutting down in a few days, and the price is rising.

So check it out now, and while you're at it, take a good look at the new video features - they’ll blow your socks off!

Get your licence here, while you can:

All the best,

ISSN: 1980-5861