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Best Sunglasses for Courier Drivers

por Breanna Abercrombie (2019-11-14)

After a long, grey winter we are at last getting some days of real sunshine. However, with the sun comes the need for those working in haulage or doing courier jobs to make sure they are protecting their eyes from damaging UV rays.

While undoubtedly drivers are the lucky ones who get to see the very most of the blue skies and wonderful spring and summer sunshine, the sunlight can take its toll on your eyes. Not only can driving in bright sunlight without sunglasses make you more tired than necessary because you spend much of your time squinting and straining, it can also potentially cause permanent eye damage.

Prolonged exposure to the sun´s UV rays can cause conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration (damage to the retina which can lead to blindness) and pterygium (tissue growth over the surface of the eye which can cause astigmatism). So not only are sunglasses a great fashion choice when you´re out on the road doing courier jobs, they are also a great preventative measure.

<b>What to Look For in Driving Sunnies</b>

Most of us have our favourite sunglasses (mine make me feel like I´m channelling my inner Steve McQueen) but just because we love them doesn´t mean they´re the right glasses to wear out on courier jobs. When you´re driving there are very specific things you need your <a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=sunglasses&src=typd">sunglasses</a> to do which your favourite fashion pair may not.

Good peripheral vision - avoid <a href="https://www.herfeed.com/?s=glasses">glasses</a> with thick arms as they can block your vision. Instead opt for lenses which wrap around so that you avoid glare at the edges of your sight.

Improved not impaired vision - Check the lens colour (pink, blue and green have been shown to make red lights indistinguishable which can be dangerous on the road) and tint density (a light tint will only work in low sunlight, medium for medium sunlight, and dark for bright sunlight - avoid very dark tints when driving).
Avoid Variable Lenses When Driving

While self-adjusting (photochromic) lenses may seem like the ideal solution for ensuring the right kind of protection for any light level, the problem with these when driving is that they are affected by the UV filtering effect of the windscreen.

<b>Polarised Lenses</b>

Many professional drivers choose to wear polarised lenses while they´re out doing courier jobs because they are able to substantially reduce glare. They are also extremely useful in foggy conditions as they sharpen the image of what you see, making your vision clearer.

<u><i>Safety Markings</i></u>

While it´s up to you which glasses you choose to drive in to protect your eyes, the most important factor is to make sure that your sunnies provide 100% UV protection and that they match existing European Standards. If they don´t carry the `CE´ mark then you might be causing yourself more harm than good by believing you are protected when you´re not.

<b>Some of My Favourite Driving Sun Glasses</b>

Persol P02424S - If aviator sunglasses are good enough for World War Two fighter pilots, they´re good enough for the M25. These were also Steve McQueen´s preferred brand (just saying...).

<a href="https://sunglasses.guru/product-category/oakley/">Oakley</a> Plaintiff Squared - Oakley provide lenses to the US government so you know they´re good. These wrap-around slightly to prevent side glare.

<b>Smith Optics Rockford</b>
Lens specialist Smith Optics has created the ultimate stylish aviator glasses for drivers. With a curved wrap-around lens and adjustable nose pads these fit perfectly and look super cool.





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