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How to Date Japanese Women - Storytelling For Japanese Girls

por Maryanne Hollar (2019-05-01)

63.pngHere's how to lock that Japanese girl into you. Everybody has either heard about or actually had a bedtime story read to them or recreated from memory from someone who loved them. Go back to that time and think about how the story made you feel and how you felt about the person who told it. Whether or not it was a tale of mystery, humor or of deep human emotion your heart was moved. Telling a story to a Japanese woman has the same effect and it does not have to be best seller material.

All guys have had events occur in their lives of humor, kindness, or heart moving moments. Take time to think about those situations and scribble them out on a piece of paper. Create a short story with lots of descriptive words so that she experiences the emotional scenery and she'll be hooked. The story below has been used dozens of times and it has NEVER failed to produce the desired reaction of, "How sweet! Girls and women really like you." It's not that kind of 'like you' that means you are anyone's doormat or sucker either. This story creates an image of a man where kindness and strength exudes from his presence and women love that and are drawn to it. All of my stories are true.

A few years ago, I was flying to Hawaii. I was sitting in an aisle seat, my girlfriend was in the middle and javhd a woman with baby was sitting in the window seat. The baby was crying loudly. I told my girlfriend, "Tell the woman to give the baby to me." My girlfriend told the woman, "Let my boyfriend hold the baby, she'll be okay.

The lady looked puzzled, I imagine she was thinking, "He's a stranger! I'm not going to let him hold my baby!" She didn't say that though, my girlfriend said, "It's okay, we are on a plane, we're all going to Hawaii, besides kids like him." So I leaned across my girlfriend and the woman gave me the baby. I put the baby girl on my chest and she went to sleep almost immediately. Probably the baby girl listened to the steady rhythm of my heartbeat, I went to sleep too. We slept almost until we landed.

I gave the little girl back to her mother, she smiled and said, "Thanks!" I'm sure the other passengers were happy too! (^_^)/


I weave this story(or one like it) into a conversation prior to the time she comes to my apartment for the first time in my "7 Days to Satisfaction Plan". That's 7 working days! Okay sometimes it's 10 days. There are few things more gratifying than the look of satisfaction on a woman's face. Need help creating a story? Contact me and I'll help you create a story that you can use in the future dating Japanese Girls.

When did you experience something that made you laugh(not locker room humor)?
Do you remember a time when you were child that seemed, wonderful, made you smile or say, "Ah!"?
Talk about a time that you saw a child do something funny!

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