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What are four sentences for the word sunglasses

por Janette Laurence (2019-10-03)

Have you seen my sunglasses?

People who wear sunglasses inside look silly.

I think I'll get some new sunglasses.

His designer sunglasses were cracked.

Sentences with the word astound in it?
Bring your sunglasses; the size of the rock in her engagement ring will astound you.

Use the word Quire into sentences?
There are twenty four uniform sheets of paper in a quire.

What are sentences using the word scanty?
It was a scanty amount of food to feed four people with.

What kind of sunglasses did Wesley Snipes wear in Blade?
Oakley Four sunglasses

How many types of sentences are there?
There are four types of sentences: statement question exclamation command There are four types of sentences: declarative sentences. interrogative sentences. exclamotary sentences. imperative sentences.

Could you have forgotten your sunglasses in the car What is the sentences complete verb phrase?
Could have forgotten

How do you say sunglasses in polish?
the word sunglasses is Niedz lodzie

How many syllables in veithdia sunglasses price?
There are 3 syllables in the word sunglasses.

What is bonus word between sunglasses and oak?
What is the bonus word between oak and sunglasses in iassociate 2

What are the four kinds of sentences?
There are four kinds of sentences: 1) Declaratory sentences make a statement. 2) Exclamatory sentences express or show a strong emotion. 3) Imperative sentences give a command or direction. 4) Interrogative sentences ask a question.

Sentences with the word 'hop'?
sentences with the word hop for kindergarten

How can i use the word aberrant in sentences?
aberrent,how touse this word in sentences? .

Make five sentences with the word you?
make five sentences with word you

Using the word stomach in a sentence?
I can give you several sentences. My stomach hurts! Your stomach helps you to digest food. A cow has four stomachs.

How long is four sentences?
Sentences can vary in length, so it is impossible to answer your question.

How many sentences does a three paragraph project have?
a paragraph has three or four sentences.

What part of speech is the word sentences?
The word sentences is a noun. It is the plural form of sentence.

What is the word sunglasses in Japanese?
サングラス Sangurasu

How do you use the word tome in a sentence?
I can give you several sentences. That is an ancient tome. You need to read the tome and return it to me. This tome is number four in the series.

What are four sentences for the word listen?
I like to listen to the rain. You need to listen in class. His refusal to listen got him in trouble with the law. I like to listen to music often.

One sentences from comedy?
Sentences for the word comedy?

Can you a sentences of adventure with the word write?
what is the sentences of a adventure

Use of word munch in sentences?
sentences that have biting in them

What are example sentences with the word spontaneous?
Spontaneous people hate to plan anything.

What are examples of the four types of sentences?
The four types of sentences are declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory sentences. An example of a declarative sentence is 'I am going home.' An exclamatory sentence is 'This is the best day I've had all year long' with an exclamation point at the end. An imperative sentence would be 'Stop' with a exclamation point at the end of the word. A interrogative sentence asks a question like 'Who are you', and a question mark goes...

Is sunglasses is a compound word?
Yes. because Sun is a word and so is glasses.

What are four sentences for the word basketball?
He plays basketball on the weekends. We went to the basketball match yesterday. I am trying to watch basketball here. He wanted a basketball for his birthday.

Where to get word with sentences?
You can get 'word' with sentences right here at wikianswers, for example: What's the good word. Not one word to Dad about the actual time I came in. That was word for word what he said to me.

What is a sample sentences?
It's a sample sentence, or several sample sentences, but not a sample sentences. Sample sentences are sentences to help you understand the meaning of a word.

Kinds of sentences according to function?
The four types of sentences according to function include a declarative sentence and interrogative sentence. The other two are imperative sentences and exclamatory sentences.

How do you use the word rudimentary in a sentences?
Here are some sentences. That is a rudimentary subject. Some animals have rudimentary tails.

What are the release dates for The Adventures of Mr- Clown - 2013 Word of the Day Sunglasses?
The Adventures of Mr- Clown - 2013 Word of the Day Sunglasses was released on: USA: 9 August 2013

Is sentences a noun?
Yes, the word 'sentences' is a noun, the plural form of the singular noun 'sentence' a word for a group of words that expresses a statement or a question; the punishment for a crime given by a court of law; a word for a thing. Example sentences: Would you mind checking my sentences before I send this email? Judge Ratchett is known for giving long sentences to repeat offenders. The word 'sentences' is also the...

What are four kinds of sentences?
Some kinds of sentences include: Declarative Sentences - statement and ends with period Interrogative Sentences-Question and ends with question mark Imperative Sentences-Strong Feeling And ends with exlamation Point

How to use should in sentences?
The word "should" be used in the conditional sentences.

Where does the word sunglasses split into syllables?

What is an imperative sentence with the word coach?
Here are some sentences. Coach Jones encouraged the team to work hard and practice. The elegant coach was pulled by four white horses.

What are four sentences for the word Pluto?
The human colonists on Pluto keep sending back complaints about the cold back to Earth. There is not enough light on Pluto for plants to grow. Pluto is also too cold for water to remain in a liquid state. Mickey and Pluto went to look for Goofy.

What are four sentences for the word balloon?
My red balloon got away from me. Look at that red balloon! I am looking for my red balloon. Sorry, I have only seen a tan-colored balloon.

Is the word stirred in a sentences that is a past tense sentences?
I stirred the porridge as it cooked

What are some Sentences with the word Stubborn?
Don't be so stubborn! The stubborn boy kept arguing that two times two does not equal four. If you're stubborn, you will stick to one idea, and one idea only. --if you know the definition of stubborn, you can probably make zillions of sentences--

How do you use the word enhance in a sentence?
You can can use the word "enhance" to enhance your sentences. Enhancing your sentences makes them so much better.

What is a sentence for the word former?
sentences with word former

What are some sentences using the word desceratey?
There is no such word.

Four Noble Truths in a sentences?
the four noble ruths was all lie's ( : hope that helps

What are four sentences for the word highly?
It was a highly valuable price of art. Your advice is highly valued. He always looked highly towards her. It is highly unlikely that he was kidnapped by a mob of teddy bears.

What websites can give you example sentences?
This website can give you example sentences if you specify the word.

How do you make sentences using expedite?
Sentences can be constructed by using that word as an adjective or as a verb.

List three ways you can determine the meaning of an unfamiliar word?
Notice the sentences before the word in bold face letters or unfamilair words and noticed the sentences after the word itself

How many words can you make out of the word sunglasses?
10 words you can make sunglasses out of here they are. Glass Glasses Gas Sun Sang Sea Seas Gun Lass

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