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Scandal VIP Guestlist

por Scot Willett (2020-03-15)

If you’re attracted to the forbidden fruit, then Scandal is your place to be!For the ones after that fruit, welcome to Scandal London!

It just opened its doors in 2017, it offers an amazing nightlife experience never tried before! Located just a few steps from Oxford Circus, Scandal lies close to London’s heart, and now close to yours too. Club Bookers is here to bring you close to scandal guestlist Club London and offer you a special experience that will be hard to forget.

However, the interior of the club has a mixture of the Red Light District of Amsterdam and the class of the Mayfair of London! The dancefloor, the lights, the bar and scandal guestlist everything inside will dive you in the decadent vibe of the club.

ISSN: 1980-5861