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How to Locate A Judgment Debtor's Bank Account

por Isaac Harter (2019-08-21)

Locating A Debtors Bank Account:

Locating a bank account of a debtor can be a daunting task. Judgment Collection Attorney can help the creditors to search their (debtors) bank accounts for debt collection. There are some legal ways for locating a bank account of a debtor.

A creditor can purchase some stuffs from the debtors store or business, or simply arrange someone else to buy. The creditor here needs to pay by check. If the debtor is an intelligent person and there is a less chance of the debtor falling prey to this method, then use a third party.

Another way is, to use Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings information. There is a fair chance, that the debtor might be using the same bank, which had granted loan amount to the defendant. The debtor knows that, there is always a better chance to obtain a loan from a bank, where a person has a nice banking relationship. The creditor just has to get the file-copy of loan application from the Secretary of State.

A creditor can trick, by providing a notice to the public, that the secured party is interested in the debtors property, and is ready to loan some money to the debtor. The debtor, then, applies for the loan, by filing out a loan application and financial statement. This data contains the debtors bank account information.

In Loan Application:

When a bank issues a loan, it issues a check to the debtor. The debtor deposits this check in his bank account. This check, then, travels back to the issuing bank for the loan amount. This time, the check contains the account information on the back of it.  The creditor can get a copy of this check by subpoena of the secured party.

A creditor can also use Blanket Levy technique. This technique involves serving a Writ of Execution and a Bank Levy, on every bank in the area. This method takes some time. It is based on the assumption that the debtor carries transaction in a bank, located only within few miles of his home or workplace. This method works best in small towns.

Help From Employers:

A creditor can serve a Business Record Subpoena on the employer, to get the copy of a payroll check of the debtor. This check contains the defendants account number and the name of the bank on the backside of it.

A creditor can also contact some investigative agencies such as FBI, IRS, the local law enforcement agencies, or any private investigators. They can conduct trash search for the bank information. People can also visit website for 핸드폰소액결제현금화 further information. Thus, these are the ways using which creditors can locate a debtors bank account.

Lance Casey from Cal-State Financial is a Judgment Recovery Specialist.

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