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Comic-book inspired characters patrol the streets of San Diego i

por Curt Rumpf (2021-07-18)

They're real life characters who look like they just escaped from a comic book - but none of thse heroes have super powers.

The Xtreme Justice League are a group of volunteers who have created their own crime fighting identifies and taken them to the streets of San Diego, California, to help those in need.

The group was formed in 2006 by a member going by the name of Mr Xtreme, who was motivated by an apparent rise of violent crime.

The group don't set out to punish wrongdoers, but aim to reduce crime through 'prevention, intervention and community outreach'. 

Members of the group include students, former emergency services members and security officers.
Their 'super' alter-egos include, Mr. Xtreme, Fallen Boy, Freedom Fighter and Vortex.

The group meet on the streets of the San Diego Hall of Justice around 11pm, equipped with radios and first aid kits.

They then split into two groups and patrol the streets until 2am, before meeting back to report the nights goings-on to Mr Xtreme. 

Each crime fighter has their own motivation. Vortex does it 'for the people'; Mr.
Xtreme, 'to make a difference'; Fallen Boy wants 'to help the community'; and Spartan does it 'because I like helping people'.

In August the Xtreme Justice League started patrolling around the city's North Park after a string of attempt sexual assaults on women walking home late at night. 

The group are open to anyone joining as long as they have a costume and their own transportation. 

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Battle ready: The Xtreme Justice League was founded by Mr Xtreme, pictured.

The league is a group of real life crime fighters who take on the personas of comic book characters to help them keep the streets of San Diego safe

The A-Team: (L to R) Fallen Boy, Freedom Fighter, Mr Xtreme and Vortex, stand on the corner preparing for an evening patrol

Role models: The Avengers: The movie which features the characters, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye, Iron Man and The Hulk

Dark knight: The Midnight Highwayman dresses entirely in black and has a video camera mounted on his head 

Stepping out: Freedom Fighter, Fallen Boy and Vortex strut along the San Diego streets looking for troublemakers

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