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Trump attacks Biden for hiding hours before Biden education speech

por Lori Tier (2021-07-20)

President Donald Trump attacked Joe Biden as 'low energy' and complained his rival was 'back in his basement' after the Democratic nominee made a highly-visible campaign stop in Pittsburgh on Monday and will give an education speech on Wednesday.

Trump also claimed Biden is on some kind unspecified 'enhancement' drug during an interview with Fox News that aired on Tuesday.

But he did not offer any proof and was not pressed on his claim.

The president lashed out at his rival after a new round of polls showed Biden in the lead after the Republican National Convention, despite the expectation Trump would get a boost after his nomination for a second term. 

President Trump claimed Joe Biden is on some kind unspecified 'male enhancement pills' drug during an interview with Fox News  but he did not offer any proof and was not pressed on his claim

'Joe Biden is a Low Energy Candidate the likes of which we have never seen before.

The last thing our country needs is a Low Energy Individual, especially when surrounded by High Energy Chess Players scattered all over the world. He's back in his basement now - no schedule!,' Trump tweeted Wednesday morning.

Biden is receiving an education briefing in Wilmington on Wednesday and then will give a speech on school reopenings and the coronavirus pandemic.  On Monday, he gave a speech in Pittsburgh where he attacked Trump's response to racial unrest and delivered pizza to local firefighters. 

After Trump's tweets Wednesday morning, the Biden campaign announced Joe and Jill Biden would go to Wisconsin on Thursday to hold a community meeting in Kenosha. 

Trump also touted his own trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin, and continued to push himself as the 'law and order' president as he laid on the attacks.

'Joe Biden is not on the side of Law Enforcement, and that was spectacularly evident on my very successful trip yesterday to Kenosha.

We solved the problem quickly, and it was very much appreciated by the people of Wisconsin. Joe Biden wouldn't know where to begin - a bad record!,' he added.

The president has thrown out several attack lines on Biden, questioning his health, his mental abilities and his policies, including distorting Biden's record to claim he would defund the police - which Biden has said he would not.
He has accused Biden of 'hiding' in his basement while the Biden campaign said the candidate is simply following coronavirus guidelines. 

Trump told Fox News he wanted Biden to take a drug test before their first presidential debate because he claims the Democratic presidential nominee is on 'some kind of enhancement.'

He did not specify and offered no proof. 

'He's on some kind of an enhancement, in my opinion,' he said.

' I want to take one. I'll take one, he'll take one. We should both take a drug test.' 

Biden, meanwhile, will attempt to turn the conversation back to the coronavirus, tying it to the start of the school year in a speech in Wilmington on Wednesday.
It's his second speech in three days.

He and Jill Biden will receive a briefing from education experts ahead of his remarks. 

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