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Nail expert reveals the four things to watch our for at your salon

por Donnell Renwick (2021-07-28)

A cheap manicure is a great way to save a few dollars, but when your freshly polished nails start to peel after a few days, are you really getting a bargain?

Far from it, says Sydney-based manicurist Iman Davomoni of Purely Polished, who believes when it comes to nails you get what exactly what you pay for.

She explains while some salons charge more for their services, not only do you get a better result but because this lasts longer, you'll need to go less often.

Here, she outlines the four things your manicurist might do that can reveal it's time to find someone new. 

Iman Davomoni of Purely Polished (pictured) believes when it comes to nails you get what you pay for

Beware of the bargain

It can be tough to walk past a budget $30 mani or pedicure, but Iman cautions that bargain prices can mean a sub-standard job.

'The service may be poor, the process can be rushed and the products used might be either old or low quality,' she said.

Iman explained a quality manicure will see a nail technician take some time to prep nails first to ensure the product (nail polish or shellac) lasts longer.





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'If the nail beds aren't properly prepared, your manicure won't last, and your polish (if it is gel) can peel off,' she said.

She said a shellac manicure should last for a minimum of two weeks, 온라인바카라사이트 if done correctly. Less than than and you may need to start searching for somewhere new.

UV lamps are regularly used to cure manicures, however, there has been some concern about the use of these in the past (stock image)

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