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Man accused of stabbing 'Class clown' tradie attempts jail break

por Joshua Hickman (2021-07-28)

A man charged with the murder of a young plumber in Melbourne on Saturday night has attempted a dramatic jail break from court. 

\ubc14\uce74\ub77c\uc0ac\uc774\ud2b8\u300c\u3003star77\u3002ApP\u3003\u300d | Bikinis, Fashion, SwimwearRian Farrell, 22, of Newport, sat gasping for air throughout most of his short filing hearing before going ballistic when two mates sitting in the court room shouted out to him. 

Farrell is accused of murdering 'class clown' Liam Cahill, 22, who was celebrating a friend's birthday at a party on the 15th floor of a Docklands high-rise. 

Rian Farrell, 22, of Newport, burst out into tears and tried to make a run for it on Monday. He has been charged with one count of murder

Liam Cahill (pictured left) a popular young apprentice plumber from Pascoe Vale, Melbourne, was allegedly stabbed to death on Saturday night in front of horrified party goers

One of Rian Farrell's mates connects with a cameraman outside the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Monday






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The alleged killer, who was covered in tattoos and appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court wearing a white t-shirt, appeared in shock as his lawyer told the court this was his first time in prison. 

The short filing hearing had otherwise gone to plan until two mates disrupted the hearing. 

The pair - who both wore hats inside the court room in a blatant sign of disrespect for the magistrate - yelled out 'stay strong brother' as Farrell was being led from the prison dock by two security guards. 

The exchange saw Farrell burst out into tears and attempt to rush for the prison dock door. 

Farrell was tackled and wrestled into an adjoining room as he cried out to his mates, telling them he loved them. 

Farrell could be heard screaming from behind the locked prison door as his crying mates rushed outside of the court house. 

Once on William Street, the hatted duo had no intention of talking to the waiting media pack, with one lout lashing out at a television cameraman. 

The veteran cameraman shook off the ugly confrontation. 

Farrell, who goes by the name 'Ron Stoppable' on Facebook, is accused of stabbing to death Mr Cahill about 10.30pm on Saturday. 

It remains unclear what sparked the alleged attack against Mr Cahill, who reportedly knew his alleged killer.

Farrell's Facebook page gives away little indication to a motive. 

On May 28 - two days before the incident - Farrell appeared to be interested in purchasing a Playstation 4.  

On Saturday, witnesses reported hearing the noise of an altercation throughout the building, with one resident telling of their fear when they heard a young woman screaming.

Rian Farrell, 22, of Newport, sat gasping for air throughout most of his short filing hearing before going ballistic when two mates sitting in the court room shouted out to him

A television cameraman films a friend of Rian Farrell outside a Melbourne court. The cameraman was attacked seconds later 

'It was so loud we thought it was on our floor, but I think it was downstairs,' the resident told the Herald Sun.

'It was terrifying.'

The fight was heard by another resident, Rocky Petrelli, who lives in a 14th floor apartment below.

'It was just really noisy, 온라인바카라사이트 it was like there was elephants stomping the ground in the apartment above, that's what I could hear below,' Mr Petrelli told Seven News.  

The apprentice plumber from Pascoe Vale in Melbourne's north was allegedly stabbed several times before his accused killer fled, climbing down two balconies on the side of the building in a desperate bid to escape. 

One of the apartments he's accused of trying to break into during his alleged escape bid was Mr Petrelli's.

'It's pretty scary that you think that it's a safe building especially when you're on the 14th floor and you've got someone jumping balconies to try and escape the building,' Mr Petrelli said. 

He was unsuccessful, and climbed down another balcony to the 13th floor where he ran through an unlocked apartment in his bid for freedom.

A suspect was tackled and arrested by police a short distance from the scene. The suspect can be seen in CCTV footage lying on the ground in a corridor behind a stack of toilet rolls

Detectives leave the M Docklands high-rise at 677 La Trobe street, Melbourne with bags of evidence on Sunday after the alleged stabbing murder of 22-year-old Liam Cahill

The suspect was tackled to the ground by police a short distance away. 

Mr Cahill was given first aid by another resident of the building, but couldn't be saved. 

The alleged murder traumatised the other party guests who had to be comforted by police at the scene.

'Why did you do this to me?' screamed a woman at the scene. 

A young woman with bright red hair was seen screaming in the lobby, falling to her knees in distress before being comforted by police and led away.

Close friend Macayla Dickson wept as she described Mr Cahill's generous spirit. Pictured: Liam Cahill (left) and Macayla Dickson (right)

Liam Cahill (pictured right) enjoying the ocean last year. The young apprentice plumber loved life and brought joy to many people with his fun-loving sense of humour

A distraught red-haired woman was comforted by emergency services and led away on Saturday night after the alleged stabbing

Liam Cahill (left) was allegedly stabbed to death on Saturday after an alleged fight at a party on the 15th floor of the M Docklands, Melbourne. Pictured with close friend Macayla Dickson.

Liam Cahill (left) being cheeky with the lads.  His many friends poured out messages of grief on social media, saying they would never forget him, and they would cherish their memories

Police and emergency services swarmed the building at about 11pm, arresting a suspect.

Police could be seen leading young people sobbing with grief from the building.

Mr Cahill's friends took to social media to leave tributes for him, saying how much they loved the popular young tradesman.

'I will love you forever brother, I am going to miss you everyday. Thank you for every single memory together,' wrote one friend on Facebook.

Forensics teams scoured the apartment building on Sunday

Macayla Dickson (pictured left) said close friend Liam Cahill (right) was like the 'class clown' and would make everybody laugh

Close friend Macayla Dickson wept as she described Mr Cahill's sense of humour. 

'He was just the best person. Just always had a laugh and always the class clown and just had his heart out for everyone,' she told Nine News. 

Mr Dickson wrote on social media: Waking up seeing all these posts praying to God it's all a joke. I am so grateful for having the pleasure of being in your life. I love you and I hope you're at peace now... forever be in my heart.' 

Homicide and forensics investigators scoured the building on Saturday, carrying away bags of evidence. 

Farrell was remanded in custody and will face Melbourne Magistrates Court again in August. 

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