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China claims Hong Kong national security law 'protects' city's freedom

por Noella Statton (2020-05-29)

Hong Kong's stock market has had its worst day in nearly five years after China said it would vote on a controversial national security law bill that could ban people in the Asian financial hub from inciting and participating in protests.

Investasi Saham Dengan Modal Uang Receh? Kenapa Tidak? | Newswantara.comThe city's Hang Seng index slid nearly six per cent today in its poorest one-day performance since 2015 due to concerns that Beijing's show of absolute authority could re-ignite anti-government unrest and intensify the political tensions between China and berita saham update the United States. 

Chinese state media, however, said that the disputed bill would 'protect' instead of restricting the semi-autonomous city's freedoms. 

Meanwhile, a scuffle broke out today in Hong Kong's Legislative Council when the city's pro-democracy lawmakers staged a demonstration against the bill, deemed as a 'death sentence' to their liberty, and tussled with pro-Beijing politicians. 

A scuffle broke out today in Hong Kong's Legislative Council on Friday when the city's pro-democracy lawmakers staged a demonstration against a national security law bill being debated by Beijing. Pictured, legislator Raymond Chan Chi-chuen is taken away by security

Hong Kong's pro-democracy lawmakers sharply criticised China's move to take over long-stalled efforts to enact national security legislation in the semi-autonomous territory, saying it goes against the "one country, two systems" framework that promises the city freedoms

Hong Kong's opposition lawmakers held signboards that read 'CCP tramples on Hong Kong legislature' and 'Hong Kong will become Xinjiang' while protesting in the city's Legislative Council. The bill was submitted on the opening day of China's national legislative session

Hong Kong's Hang Seng index nosedived 5.56% today amid fears that Beijing's national security bill could re-ignite the city's anti-government unrest and worsen the political tensions between China and the United States. Pictured, a woman looks at a stocks display board today





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