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Pikoodinigan, The Way Kokom Employed To Make

por Tracee Outhwaite (2019-06-02)

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Extremely valuable article. Thank you!. Could you please provide some tips. I would be quite grateful. I want to generate a site that requires website guests paying a small sum of funds to get data. the homepage, a website visitor can go to a payment web page, and spend (possibly $1 or $2). two. Right after paying (with Paypal? Not confident) the visitor is taken to a "pick a single of these" web page. 3. The visitor chooses 1 little icon to click on (from a large quantity of icons, all displayed on the very same web page). 4. When the visitor clicks on an icon, the visitor is taken to a page containing distinct info. (The website would require to hold roughly one hundred details pages.) I am just a bit confused. Can I use a template and customise it to develop this? Or do I require to develop the site from scratch? Thank you very much.

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