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RGB Lighting & Smart Controls

por Earnestine Jonson (2019-09-01)

RGB Lighting & Smart Controls
RGB Lighting stands for Red, Green, and Blue lighting. When you combine these colors you can create any color including white light. RGB (color) can enhance any commercial property. Imagine turning your property green during St. Patricks day or showcasing your school’s colors at a big game.

den ledRGB works really well with LEDs and Sunlite is expert in designing RGB Fixtures. A variety of standard RGB fixtures are available, including in linear, can, or "eyeball" lights. We create both standard and creative custom RGB lights to meet your needs.
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Sunlite also specializes in smart lighting controls that can be programmed to run from sensors or from a pre-scheduled pattern.

Sunlite LED lights are designed to be smart control ready.

All of Sunlite’s Lights can be incorporated into a SMART Lighting system
All of Sunlite’s lights can be upgraded to be SMART controlled without changing the light fixtures.
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Sensor Control
Regular AC sensors can be wired to the Sunlite LED lighting system.
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Regular occupancy sensor turns off the lights when no activity in a room
Sunlite’s DC motion sensor are also available for fully automate the lighting system.

Sunlite sensor dims the lights when no activity in a room
Sunlite sensor can also trigger other automatic controls and adjustment of the lights.
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Wireless Control
The system can be wireless controlled by a smart phone. Sunlite LED lights can also be integrated into existing lighting control system. You can use the LED fixtures now, when you decide to upgrade to smart control system, you don’t need to replace fixtures, we only need to add a smart control box to make it central controlled, wireless controlled.

ISSN: 1980-5861