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What can make cats die

por Freddy Abraham (2019-09-08)

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Where cats die?
cats can die in the streets cats can die in a basement cats can die .......

What are all the things cats drink?
Cats mostly drink water and milk. You can feed them whatever, but make sure the cats cannot die from it.

Why do cats have disiese?
okay, listen. i have had many cats die over disieses. Cats get them just like you and me. Germs. Try to keep cats healthy and make sure they are clean. That will prevent a disiese.

Can cats die if they go in the rain?
Cats don't die from contact with rain. However, if they become soaked through and chilled, their immune system can become depressed and make them more susceptible to infections that could kill them.

Can cats die on a tuseday?
Of course! Cats can die any day!

Can a cat die from eating chocolate like dogs?
No, cats do not have allergy to chocolate. It just will make them fat.

How many cats die per year?
It is not possible to determine a clear number of cats that die per year. There are thousands of cats who may die in shelters each year but there is not a record of how many cats die as pets or strays. One estimate states that approximately 144,000 cats die each day in the world. That would be a total of 52,560,000 cats each year.

How do cats make babies?
how do cats make love

Why do cats make biscuits?
Cats don't make biscuits.

What do cats die of?

What cats die in warrior cats omen of the stars?
Because the warriors Omen of the Stars series has not yet been published, we can not know for sure how many cats will die in the series. However, based on the number of cats who died in previous series, 50 cats or more will likely die in the course of the 4th series.

Where do red cats come from?
so, red cats come from other cats, they die their head.

Is chocolate candy good for cats in any shape fashion or form?
Not at all! In fact, it can make them very sick and possibly die!

How do cats dye?
how do cats die? well when they get very old they go somewhere alone so they can die peacefully. cats can live up to 15 years old.

Can cats die of breathing problems?
Yes, cats can die from breathig problems. If your cat is breathing heavily bring your cat to the vet because your cats life can be at risk!

How can you make a snowman dance?
cats cats cats cat cats cats cats cats this is a dumb question... just sayin cats ****this is unbelievbly accurate****

When do most cats die?
around 12, 13, 14, 15 years is when they finally die but not all cats

How many cats die from cat abuse?
Millions of cats each year die of of because of cruel people.

What are some cat creators?
They are called cats, cats make cats.

How old do cats have to be before they die?
Cat don't have to be any age to die. Cats can die at any age from when they are days old to years old. Cats usually live to around 12-15 years old

Will cats die if they drink spoiled milk?
Possibly. Just like humans cats like milk. If I drink sour milk I am going to get sick. Cats will also get sick. Do humans die? Not usually, but in some rare cases humans could die and so could cats.

Does water kill cats?
yes, cats drown in water and die

How many dogs and cats die a day?
Over 2,000 cats and dogs die because of humans. This is very sad

Do cats urinate and defecate when they die?
Cats do urinate and defecate when they die. The muscles in the body relax and release urine and feces.

Do ocelots make dams?
No, they are cats, and cats don't build, but beavers make dams.

Do cats make babies?
Yes, cats do make babies. They are called kittens or kits.

Will a cat get sick or die if flea treatment is too frequent?
Yes, a cat can die from to much flea treatment because to many chemicals can soak into a cats skin and make them very sick, and usually even die! :(

Can glow stick liquid kill cats?
no there not toxic it will just make the cat sick for a few days don't worry it won't die

Can cats die from licking makeup?
It depends upon the ingredients in the make up. Most make up could make a cat fairly ill. If your cat does lick some make up call a local vet and check.

How do you make your cat an outdoor cat?
I don't think it should be an outdoor cat, outdoor cats will die from deseses, cars, and getting in fights with other street cats, keep your cat inside if you love it. Outdoor cats can live up to 3 yrs in the outdoors Indoor cats live up to 16 It's a dangerous world out there

When can cats and dogs die?
i dont know when they die

Can cats die from cat poisening?
Yes, cat poisoning can kill cats, it was made to actually kill cats.

Can dogs make more sounds than cats?
I'm sorry if you like dogs better than cats but cats can make more sounds than dogs. Cats can make more than a 100 sounds. well dogs can only make ten (or something along the line) ^ l l l Cats can make more sounds but they can make over 1000, not 100. Dogs do make about 10 sounds.

How do cats make you happy?
Cats can take care of themselves while you are gone, and they can make you laugh by what they do.

How does aspirin kill cats?
it makes them sick and they die. it's poison for cats.

Fibrocarcinoma in cats?
it is a type of cancer in cats and they die at a very young age.

When did Cats Falck die?
Cats Falck died on 1984-11-18.

How do you make the cats get along on cats clan?
That is hard and you can't make them. Most older cats do not get along with other CATS! But if kittens are introduce with an older cat they have a better chance of getting along.

Do cats die alone?
yes. when cats get hit by a car or something and is badly injured it knows its gonna die so it crawls under something so that it will die alone

How many cats die of strangulation from collars?
There are way too many cats that die of strangulation from collars. This number is in the hundreds every year.

Can cat die?
Of course cats can die. Since cats are mammals, they are unable to indefinitely regenerate their cells, which results in old age and inevitable eventual death. The saying that cats have 9 lives is false.

Do cats wonder off to die?
That depends on the cat. I know a cat that had run off to die in peace, but not all cats do that. Some cats hide in dark places to die so its like your cat says its time to move on and say goodbye to the world.

Can eating pigeons make cats sick?
If the pigeon carries a disease or parasites, it can make cats sick.

Can cats tell when people are going to die?
I have read of some cats having that ability.

Why do cats make funny sounds?
When cats make strange sounds she/he is communicating, if a cat is purring (the vibrating sound) she is happy or relaxed, there are many sounds cats make for all different reasons some unknown.

What materials are needed to make catnip treats for cats?
There are many materials that are needed to make catnip treats for cats. Examples of materials that are needed to make catnip treats for cats include soil, 카지노사이트검증사이트 water, and sun.

When did Bastet die?
cats killed her

Can cats die from cat flu?
Yes, cats can die from Cat Flu (Feline Herpes Virus/ Feline Virus Rhinotracheitis/Feline Calicivirus), however it seldom causes death in previously healthy cats. Kittens and older cats are more at risk from Cat Flu.

Who is going to make the warrior cats film?
According to the official warriors cats fansite, no one is planning to make a film for it. But on youtube, there are many little clips that have to do with warriors cats.

What happens to cats in space?
to me i think cats would die because theirs no oxygen in space....

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