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What are different types of diet soda? - Answers.com

por Ralph Lambrick (2019-09-30)

diet root beer diet pepsi diet sprite

What are the types of soda?
coke pepsi diet coke diet pepsi sprite orange soda grape soda

Will different types of sodas erupt with Mentos?
the different types of soda you could use are diet coke Sun kiss Dr pepper Coke Zero Sprite 7 up

What makes regular soda different from diet soda?
The main factor is the sweetening agent. Regular soda sweetens with high fructose corn syrup or sugar. Diet soda uses aspartame

Does diet soda have more gas than normal soda?
No, it has less gas than normal soda. I just did an experiment at school where we measured the gas content of different soda brands and the regular, diet, and 살빼기 diet-caffeine free versions of the sodas. Regular had the most and diet-caffeine had the least.

Does regular and diet soda taste different?
Yes they taste very different

Can you drink soda while on a diet?
You can drink soda but if you are on a diet drink diet soda.

Does drinking diet soda make you urinate frequently?
My urologist says diet soda irritates the prostate, causing more frequent irritation in men -- although I haven't seen scientific support for this. My personal experience is that this is definitely true. What I'm not sure is whether this is limited to dark-colored diet soda, and whether some other types of diet soda (such as diet tonic) may not have this effect.

Does diet soda have sugar in it?
No, because if diet soda has sugar in it, people won't call it diet soda.

What is in diet soda than just soda?
Both regular soda and diet soda are sweetened, but diet soda is sweetened with artificial sweetener and thus has few or no calories.

Is diet soda good for you?
no it is not good for you regular soda is better for you than diet soda

Whch soda has most carbonation?
Almost all types of sodas gotta similar level of carbonation, probably Coke and Spride are the best examples, unless if it is a diet soda like diet coke.

Is non diet soda bad for you?
not as bad as diet soda

When was Diet soda created?
Diet soda was created in 1952.

Is there really a diet for people who have different blood types?
Yes different diets are needed for people who have different blood types. There is no one cure-all diet for everyone. People need different diets for different needs and not everyone needs a diet.

Why does ice melt faster in water then diet soda and regular soda?
Diet soda is stronger than regular soda

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