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What compound noun is a diet to help you loose wight? - Answers.com

por Ernest Legere (2019-10-08)

Some compound nouns for diets are:

Atkins Diet

Mediterranean diet

raw food diet

South Beach Diet

vegetarian diet

vegan diet

Weight Watchers Diet

The Zone Diet
Important note (and I can't stress the importance enough): The above listed diets may have been designed as 'weight loss diets', but diet alone will not assure weight loss.

How can you prepare a balanced diet?
u could eat wight wathcers they help a lot

What not to eat in a diet?
plz help me. i want to loose my weight.

What is a safe and effective diet that will help me loose weight fast?
Vegetarian diet: Will it help me lose weight? If I switch to a vegetarian diet, will I lose weight? Answer. from Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D.. Not necessarily.

What is the Dr. Oz diet?
It's basically a diet programm for loosing weight. It is supposed to help you loose weight really good.

What is a detox diet and can it help me?
Detox diet is a new way to loose weight quickly and it will help you get the body youve always wanted. what detox does is targets the fats and converts it to energy.

How do you loose 95 pounds?
By sweating any activity that will make you produce sweat will help you loose some pounds. but you must also watch your diet.

What is the best diet plan for young individuals?
Mainly just keeping healthy (not chips, soda pizza ect.) and eating your fruits and veggies! Don't totally take carbs andproteinsout of your diet, your body still needs them! Also, if you are trying to loose weight with a diet, it will help you get healthy, keep your weight down but it won't help you loose the weight you want to loose. You'll need to exersize, get active and not veg out!

What is the most effective diet to help me loose weight?
The most effective diet to loose weight once and for all is a change in lifestyle. You must eat healthy foods every day and exercise at least three times a week.

What is a good weekly diet meal plan that will help me loose weight?
Weight Watchers will lead you to a good weekly diet meal plan. Also try the Eat-And-Loose-Weight Weekly Meal Plan to give you the results you are looking for.

Does the liquid diet work and do you have to exercise with it?
Doctors and Nutritionist are against the Liquid Diet because it is a crash diet that does not help you continue to loose weight it makes it happen fast without exercise which is bad for your health.

Where did the 1800 kcal ADA diet come from?
his diet was implemented by the American Diabetic Association to help over weight diabetics loose weight. The average persons diet should consist of 2400 calories daily.

What are the different phases of of the atkins diet?
The Atkins Diet has four phases. The first phase will jump start your metabolism and help you loose weight quickly. Phase two is ongoing weight loss. Phase three is a get ready for 다이어트 추천 제품 life. Phase four involves eating great foods. Follow the diet and you will loose weight.

Will the raw food diet help me lose weight?
A raw food diet very well could help you loose weight as it is primarily made up of fruits and vegetables. However like all diets it requires dedication and self control.

Is it safe to try a loose weight fast diet when you are unfamiliar with the techniques?
The best way to start a diet and not have to worry about safety aspects of the diet is to research the diets thoroughly that you may be interested in starting. Consulting a doctor or a diet specialist is another method that will help one's success.

Is a lemonade diet really healthy?
The lemonade diet has been around for more than 50 years. The lemon diet can help you loose 20 pounds, cleanse your body, and boost energy in 10 days. The lemon diet can be very dangerous to your health because it is deficient in all the essential nutrients: calories, vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat. 20 pounds is alot of weight to loose in 10 days especially without any exercise. While on this diet...

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