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What are some nouns to describe just men? - Answers.com

por Jodi Sheehan (2019-11-07)

A noun used to describe another noun is called an attributive noun or noun adjunct. Examples of nouns that can describe the plural noun 'men' are:

Little fish on a fish marketaction men

background men

champion men

danger men

ego men

fraud men

ghost men

homebody men

immigrant men

jungle men

killer men

ladies' men

men's men

nature men
Examples of adjectives that can be used to describe the plural noun 'men' are:







Note: None of these adjectives are used for men only. They can be applied to any person.

Is men a collective noun?
No, the word men is a plural, common, concrete noun, a word for a people who are male. Some collective nouns for men are a crowd of men, a group of men, a committee of men, etc.

What is the female gender for men-servants?
Some nouns for females are maidservants or ladies' maid.

Can you describe some jobs allocated to men in a traditional Aboriginal tribe?
Jobs that aboroginal men did were, hunting

Which word is a singular noun The men heard drops of rain hitting the rooftops?
The singular noun is rain. The nouns men, drops, rooftops are plural nouns.

Why do some men hate children?
Because some men just don't like them its not anyones fault they just don't its just there opinion

Describe the problem of wildlife in India due to population?
Many animals are losing habit due to men. Some are getting shot for fur, others, well they just die in fighting and it's just life.

Are gay men abusive?
Some are and some aren't, just like straight men.

How do you change a singular noun to the plural form?
Most nouns add an S or ES. Some nouns are both singular and plural (sheep) and others form nonstandard plurals (man-men, child-children).

How do you convert singular nouns into irregular plural nouns?
The plurals of most nouns are made by adding an 's'. e.g. apple/apples. And there are special cases and rules that come with different word endings, e.g. lady/ladies, potato/potatoes. However, some singular nouns have irregular plurals . Because they are irregular, there is no rule for converting such nouns into their respective plural forms: Some examples of nouns with irregular plurals: goose/geese sheep/sheep man/men mouse/mice person/people cactus/cacti

Some irregular nouns change their vowel sound to form the plural?
man - men woman - women goose - geese mouse - mice

What are some adjectives that describe the character Candy in Of Mice and Men?
old friendly something like that.

Two men went on a fishing trip in the gulf of mexico and caught 25 fish identified all nouns?
A noun is a naming word. The nouns in the sentence are therefore men, fish, gulf and Mexico.

What are the kinds and examples of nouns?
There are many types of nouns like, zoo, home, park, Jacob, Adam, etc. So there are many nouns. Nouns are places and some are names. AND http://www.aarpautoinsurance.biz/__media__/js/netsoltrademark.php?d=gyve7.com Nouns are the largest class of words. Most have a singular and plural form. The plural form is made by adding -s / -es for example (boy / boys, wish / wishes). Some nouns are irregular and the plural noun is a different word for example (man - men...

What are the nouns in the sentence Two men went on a fishing trip in the gulf of Mexico and caught 25 fish?
A noun is a word for a person, a place, or a thing. The nouns in the sentence are: men trip Gulf of Mexico fish

Do gay men wear silver bands on their middle finger?
Some do and some don't. Just as some straight men do this, and some don't.

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