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The Uses of Power Point as a Tool For Personal Statement Writing

por Allan Stokes (2020-03-28)

PowerPoint presentation program or also known as Power Point presentation is a brand of computer software package that is used for displaying information usually as a slide show presentation. In many elementary schools, high schools, and colleges or universities in the United States, the PowerPoint presentation program has become a common teaching used by teachers or lecturers in classroom presentations or lectures, or as a supplementary tool to supplement traditional lectures, online lectures, and traditional visual aids such as overhead projectors and blackboards or whiteboards.

5\/4\/08 - 5\/11\/08 | ScLoHo\u0026#39;s Collective WisdomIn many public high schools in the U.S., the Power Point presentation is commonly used by teachers as a supplement teaching tool when they need to use graphics, movies, text, and other dynamic objects to make their lecturers more interesting and engaging for their students. Many high school teachers would use the PowerPoint presentation program to teach their students on how to improve their writing skills for academic writings such as essays, book reports, research reports, and for statement of purpose or personal statement writing.

Using a Power Point presentation program as a tool in teaching students on how to write a personal statement is especially relevant because personal statement writing is usually discussed during the fourth year or senior year of high school, which is the last year of secondary education in the U.S. During the senior year, many high schools would usually conduct their career day activities in which a school would set aside a particular day where the senior year students would learn about different career and vocation opportunities.

The lectures given on career day include tips on how to write professionally written resumes, cover letters, and personal statements. Since many graduating high school students also want to pursue higher education studies in colleges or universities, the lectures on career day would also include personal statement help on how to write a personal statement for supplementing the application materials for admission to a college or university. Using a PowerPoint presentation in teaching on how to write a well-written resume, cover letter and personal statement would get the attention of the students and increase their involvement during the lecture.

Thus, power point has its great benefits to the leading education for this help us visualize the teachings from the others. And, aside from it, thus, it will really understand the lesson they shared through power point presentation. Nowadays, people are hook up with these for it is easy and handy to teach through a visual information with a fast and reliable to be with.

ISSN: 1980-5861