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Treat your piercing with care

por Heather Hanson (2020-04-08)

In order to look after your body piercing supplies you dont need to do a long list of time consuming things that will take up energy. No, the things you must do are simple and absolutely crucial if you want to ward off infections from occurring if you have recently had a piercing. You do not need to panic over this subject as long as you take care of your belly button rings, nose rings and tongue rings, tongue bars. But do you sometimes find the subject of infections a bit boring?

Dont worry if you are one of those ones who switched off when the person who was doing your body piercing gave you a talk about how to care about your piercing as it is never to late to learn and this article is just what you need in order to get you up to date with some of the facts and figures that will help you get rid of chances of infection.

You can keep your body piercing supplies in great shape and looking good by making sure that you dont take out your piercing until your piercing has healed. Here are some guidelines to when these times are:

Earlobe- around 4-8 weeks

Nipple- around 4-8 weeks

Navel- 4-12 months so after this, no more looking longingly at all of the belly button rings you have bought and collected. But be ready to wear them!

Nostril- 2 6 months, after this you are good to go and can put in any nose rings of your choice!

Eyebrow- 2-3 months

So you can see that the times vary quite drastically depending on what type of piercing you get. But of course these can vary as everyone is different and everyones body reacts differently to certain things.
Always be sure however to just run over a few things that maybe you didnt hear or didnt catch when you are at the piercing parlor. They will not be made yet this shows you have an interest in the well being of your piercing and want to keep infection away which is always good thing.

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