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Pureheart Space A New Kind of Social Networking Site

por Alfonzo Kilgour (2020-04-14)

Pureheart Space.com is a new type of Social Networking Site. It's purpose is to bring together like minded soul families,share positive and uplifting energy, events and lifestyles, and be a safe haven for anyone looking for more in their lives. Pureheart Space.com is not your typical Social Networking Site. Instead of posting pointless and often times drama filled messages, our members are committed to bringing only the best of themselves to share and learn. Pureheart Space founder, Psychic, 최신무료영화 Medium and Doctor Martin Jordan and his wife, author & comedienne Connie Jordan named the site after the spiritual name of their son Andrew Jordan. Andrew crossed from the mortal world at the mere age of 16 due to an acute & sudden onset of Leukemia. Within three months they watched their beautiful son go from a strapping young lad to a mere shell of what he once was, all the while he was declaring love for everything and everyone and teaching his parents. Andrew never complained the whole time he was going through treatment at All Children's Hospital no matter how much pain he had to endure he always said, "It's All Good". The day he died he looked at his Da, asked for a sip of Mountain Dew, gave him two thumbs up and said, "Let's Do this Daddy."

Many believe Andrew Jordan was a true Avatar and thanks to Martin's unique mediumship gifts they have not lost touch with their wonderful son. His new name is Glancroi which in Gaelic means Pureheart. Andrew or Pureheart believes the salvation of this world relies solely on the power of LOVE and the energy that comes from our own unique treasures that being our hearts. Our hearts are the key to happinessand changing the vibration of this world. Pureheart Space is a social networking site for gathering of those who are tired of the drama in their lives, a place of learning for those who are just finding their true paths or even for those who have been on the journey a long time. There are many of us here now in this world who realize we don't truly belong here but we find purpose in helping others and sharing love.

So if you are looking for a place of solace a place of learning a place where you know you belong, come to Pureheart Space a new kind of social networking site. Martin Jordan is a renowned psychic and medium and can currently be found on California Psychics under the call sign of Herne. He has been featured countless times on numerous radio shows, magazines and videos. Martin follows the works of Gregg Braden and belives that the energy of 2012 is something to look forward to with fascination. Connie Jordan is a comedienne and author. She takes her stand-up routine on the road to bring people the joy and healing energy of comedy. They are just two of the wonderful souls you will meet on Pureheart Space a new kind of social networking site.

ISSN: 1980-5861