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Be lucky in lockdown: Meet the super-successful competition pros

por Nan Tims (2020-06-13)

Many people have turned to baking and gardening in lockdown, but others have used their free time on the sometimes lucrative pursuit of 'comping'.

shades-of-purple-calico-jimmy-rocker-miaComping is where you enter as many competitions as you can — from online prize draws to magazine quizzes. The idea is that the more you enter, the more likely you are to win.

With time to play with, one in four people has taken part in competitions and prize draws in the past three months, according to promotions firm PromoVeritas. But is it really worth it?

Comping is where you enter as many competitions as you can — from online prize draws to magazine quizzes. Prizes can include products, vouchers, cash and holidays

Mother-of-two Keena Anderson certainly thinks so after winning flowers, gin, a £100 Netflix voucher and a £100 Go Ape outdoor adventure voucher in the first week of June alone.

The school behaviour manager spends 20 minutes looking for online competitions before getting her children, Rae, 11, and Renz, ten, up in the morning.





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She enters up to 60 a month. Some require a small purchase and a code to be entered online. 

Keena won £500 of kitchen equipment by spending £10 on Onken yoghurt, for example. Others ask for videos or posts on social media.

Kirsty Connor won a weekend trip to Majorca on a private plane for 100 people was hosted by celebrity Rylan Clark-Neal (pictured)

In 2018 she and nine colleagues split a £3,000 prize after their 30-second video won a Heart Radio competition.

Keena has won an average of £100 in prizes a month over the years. Big wins include a £1,149 iPhone X, three PlayStation 4S and an Apple Watch.

She hears about prizes through comping Facebook groups such as Lucky Learners, Bristol Compers Club and West Country Compers.

Keena, 38, says: 'You have got to be in it to win it. Some of these competitions just involve posting a photo.'

Kirsty Connor has also won thousands of pounds in prizes since she began comping three years ago.

Her biggest victory was a weekend trip to Majorca on a private plane for 100 people in April last year — worth £500,000 — after entering a Jet2 competition on Facebook.

It was hosted by celebrity Rylan Clark-Neal and included a private party with the band Rudimental, plus Troy the Magician.

She also won three nights in Prague by posting a photo of herself online with a box of Staropramen beer, and a three-night stay in Paris by buying Nestle chocolate and entering a code online.

The pregnant council worker enters 20 to 30 competitions a day. However, during lockdown and on maternity leave she does more.

Kirsty, who lives with husband John and son Leon, five, in Glasgow, says: 'My husband thinks I spend too much time doing it, but I won him a bottle of whisky recently so he benefits, too!'

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