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Apple's new campus has just about everything, except daycare

por Ronnie Worrall (2020-06-20)

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Apple's flashy new $5 billion campus, one of the last projects worked on by company co-founder Steve Jobs before his death, has custom-built door handles, thousands of trees and a 100,000-square-foot fitness and wellness facility that boasts a two-story yoga room covered in custom distressed stone.

What the campus doesn't have, though, is a day care center.

The question people in Silicon Valley are asking is: Should it?

"Huge gym but no day care. Apple campus gets it wrong," tweeted longtime tech executive Mitch Kapor, who invests in social impact tech startups through Kapor Capital and the Kapor Center for Social Impact. He declined to comment beyond his tweet but later posted an article about how his old company, Lotus Development Corp., opened a day care center at its offices in 1990.

Huge gym but no day care. Apple campus gets it wrong. website /a>

— Mitch Kapor (@mkapor) May 17, 2017">

Fellow Lotus pioneer and later Microsoft Chief software akuntansi gratis Architect Ray Ozzie also tweeted the story about the Lotus day care and said, "As engineers w/young kids, this is why we loved tech culture c.1990. This is leadership."

Quartz called the move a "missed opportunity," while Slate asked, "Shouldn't Apple and companies like it want to set an example that the workplace of the future cares about its employees' families?"

Apple didn't respond to several requests for information about why it decided not to include a day care facility at the new Apple Park campus, which opened last month and will hold 12,000 employees, or about what child care benefits it currently offers employees. The company has said it provides backup care to help its workers if their child care (or elder care) providers are unexpectedly not available. But it's unclear if one of the world's best-known and most profitable brands, thanks to its iPhone and iPad, subsidizes regular child care costs.

Why is this even a topic of discussion? Because Apple and other tech companies have been working to diversify their workforce, which includes boosting the number of female employees. Under CEO Tim Cook's leadership, Apple has put itself at the front of social issues like LGBT rights, racial equality and the tech industry's need to improve workforce diversity.

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