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Brow lamination: The best products for slicked-up brows

por Alisha Baier (2020-06-22)

Move over microblading, a new in-salon eyebrow technique called brow lamination has made its way to UK shores from Russia and its popularity is rising.

The semi-permanent treatment which takes around 30 minutes to perform and lasts up to eight weeks, involves straightening eyebrow hairs using a chemical solution. This fixes brow hairs into a new position to reveal perfectly slicked-up, fluffy, slightly fuller brows.

Grooming trends come and go and despite being less invasive and more affordable than other brow treatments, it is possible to 'laminate' your brows into the perfect shape at home without the need for an expensive salon treatment.

Ahead, we bring you five eyebrow products to help you create symmetry and tame unruly hairs.

Great for those on a budget, Rimmel London's Clear Brow Gel seals in a natural look at an affordable price.

Yoko-Argan-Oil-Hair-Shine-Leave-On-100-mThe £3.75 brow gel effectively brushes out and holds brows in place in a matter of seconds, without adding colour or stickiness. It will be your go-to on lazy days, keeping brows in place all day at a purse-friendly price.

Don't just take our word for it.
Amazon shoppers have compared the affordable brow gel to high-end alternatives. 'Works equally if not better than the Anastasia brow gel that costs £20,' writes one reviewer.

Another agreed and added: 'This is my third order of this stuff.

It's a great and simple way of keeping your eyebrow hairs just where you want them for all day wear.'



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Combing soap through your brows is not as crazy as it sounds.

The trick is a favourite technique among bloggers, including MUA Nikki Wolff aka All you gotta do to achieve those editorial brows is take a wet spoolie and run it through the bar of soap and then brush it through your brows in an upward motion.

  This brow wax from the UK's number one salon brow treatment, HD Brows (High Definition), defines and holds brows in place.

Not only will the wax hold each hair in its desired place, it conditions brows thanks to its enriched formulation of argan oil, which softens the hair, delivering a shiny yet non-sticky finish. It can also be used before applying brow powder to intensify the colour payoff.   Inspired by the classic soap brow trick, this super speedy Brow Silk from ICONIC London will frame and feather your brows for all-day wear. The travel and vegan-friendly silky balm can be used wet or dry and ICONIC London have kindly provided a Brow Groomer to help quickly lock brows in place.

The product creates a soft and clear film over the brows without matting. Simply use short strokes upwards for immaculate brows.   A little like a lightweight hairspray for you brows, Glossier Boy Brow is the easiest way to add colour, subtle hold, and fullness to the brow.

It's not as overly pigmented as other brow products tend to be and is available in four shades. For best results, softly backcomb your brows by brushing backward against the hair growth and then brush up and out for a fluffier and fuller finish.  

ISSN: 1980-5861