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Wife freaks out when husband sends pics of son's accidental haircut

por Clara Gillan (2020-06-30)

A young father sent his wife into an hysterical panic when he sent her pictures of their son's accidental haircut.

The man, an user named Bobby, uploaded the texting exchange he had with his wife to the image sharing site, where they've earned a lot of attention.

In the texts, Bobby tells his wife that their toddler son got ahold of an electrical trimmer and took a large swath out of his hair — and the boy's mom totally loses it.

Dad's in trouble! A man named Bobby got into some hot water with his wife when he texted her to say their son accidentally cut his hair

Beating around the bush... The man, an Imgur user, tried to ease his wife into the bad news

Whoops! He said their son found the electric trimmers and buzzed part of his own head

Bobby first tries to butter is wife up before delivering his bad news, reminding her of happy times they've shared together, like when he proposed. Easing into it, he tells her that they will need to reschedule the professional photos they have on the calendar.

Losing patience, his wife demands to know why, and isn't happy with his game-playing and beating around the bush.

Finally, he sends her a picture of himself with their son on his lap. On top of the son's head, through his blonde hair, is a long bald spot that appears to have been buzzed off.

Immediately, the wife gets angry, writing in all caps: 'Answer the phone. What the f*** pick up the phone.'


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Oh no! The mother was upset to see her son's blonde hair on the floor

Come on, dad! She was angry that the little boy's hair was ruined right before they had professional photos scheduled

Bad job: Bobby then told her he 'fixed' it, but she was not impressed

He tells her he is trying to 'fix this', but the little boy 'got the trimmers'. He sends a photo of the trimmers next to shorn blonde locks.

'Did he plug them in too?' the wife writes back angrily. 'OMG if you don't answer the phone I'm going to leave my patients and kill you.'

'You can't talk his hair back on,' Bobby replies. 'I'm fixing it. I was trimming my neck for the pictures that YOU wanted to do. This is your fault. I turned my back for a minute and he skinned his head up.'

Unsurprisingly, the wife is not happy to be blamed for the incident — and isn't mollified when her husband sends another photo of the boy after he 'fixed' his hair, which is still uneven.

Sad: https://set-magazine.com/best-string-trimmers/ He then said their son was upset when he realized what he had done and was crying

Plan: Bobby figured the only way to fix it was to shave off his own hair

Don't you dare! He then sent his wife a picture of the father-son duo with shaved heads

The results: She was not pleased with what he had done

'OMG my baby, my sweet baby looks like a potato,' she says. 

Then, Bobby shares another photo of the boy hiding under the covers, telling his wife that the toddler saw himself in the mirror and is upset and crying.

To fix this, he tells his wife he is cutting his own hair, sending a picture of his floppy locks and writing: 'He's sooo sad. I think he'd feel better if I shaved my head too. Say goodbye to it.'

'Do not shave your head,' his wife writes back in all caps. 'I swear to God if you do it I will shave your face with my car. Pick up!'

It seems to be too late, as Bobby replies with a photo of him and their son — both with shaved heads.

Just kidding! Finally, he revealed it was all a prank and he had simply Photoshopped the pictures

Not better: This didn't make her feel much better, and she joked that she'd kill him for it

His wife responds with a string of all-caps messages, telling him it looks like their hair was cut with a weedeater and repeating 'why' over and over.

Just as she is fully losing it, though, he sends another picture — the original one, but the baby has all his hair.

'It's Photoshop,' he tells her.

'Why would you do that?' she asks. 'One day I'm gonna have to tell my bunk mate in prison I'm doing life [because] my dumb a** husband thought he was funny.' 

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