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Conditions and Restrictions When Shipping to Mexico

por Barry Bellino (2021-02-01)

You can easily find a shipment service or a customs broker to help you send a package to Mexico but what you want to send may not be allowed even if it seems normal to you.  For example, some substances may be used for the production of narcotics and are completely prohibited. To see the whole list of substances you may ask you shipment service provider to provide one for you to check.
When shipping to Mexico you cannot include in the package any weaponry, human parts, perishable foods or beverages, live animals, plants, lottery tickets, money, pornographic material, wet packages or leaking ones.  Even packages that emit any kind of odor are out of the question and shipments with a higher value than the declared one are prohibited.

iStock ImageUsed hardware can be really hard to send to Mexico. Some other restricted goods are apples, fats and oils, 토토사이트추천 beer, cigars, matches, CDs, some textiles, bicycles, pencils. In addition, counterfeit goods or products that break the copyright law can be restricted. Some products can be sent but need prior authorization from an institution. For example, the Mexican Secretary of Commerce must authorize products made of chocolate and beauty and medicinal products have to be admitted by the Department of Public Health from Mexico.  Do not let this list scare you. Mexico is still part of the NAFTA agreement and generally shipping to Mexico is easy but nothing is less pleasant than having you product stuck in the customs and needing to spend a lot of time and money to get it out.

Remember that if you are sending a product from North America a certificate of origin will be needed. This form determines the origin of the product whether it is NAFTA or non-NAFTA.

Besides the general restrictions, you may be facing certain restrictions from the shipment service you chose like a maximum weight you must take into consideration or certain dimensions of the package.

The list of restrictions and prohibitions regarding shipping to Mexico is not that long but it is advisable to ask for the help of someone who knows these things or check the official source before making a mistake.

ISSN: 1980-5861