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Former social campaigner decided to "live the change"

por Allan Le Fanu (2021-02-16)

A former climate change campaigner who was frustrated that her efforts were leading nowhere has revealed why she decided to quit her job and move her family to New Zealand where her children can live 'without rules'. 

In tonight's episode of Ben Fogle's New Lives In The Wild on Channel 5, British-born Lucy AitkenRead explains how she and her husband Tim sold their London home and moved to a remote part of New Zealand where they live off the £14,000 a year she makes from blogging about their lifestyle. 

She spends her day with her two daughters Ramona and Juno, or working on the 25-acre farm she bought with her husband Tim, a New Zealander she met during her studies and married in 2005, with the profit from selling their Camberwell house in 2013. 

In the 9pm show, she reveals she decided to raise her daughters on 'empathy' rather than rules, leaving them to fend for themselves most of the day with only a few safety restrictions. 

She home-schools Ramona, 9, and Juno, 6, but does not 'sit them down' for lesson time and insists that the learning opportunities which arise naturally in their daily lives span all the traditional school subjects. 

Lucy and Tim AithenRead qui their jobs, sold their house and left the UK in 2013 live in a yurt in New Zealand with their two daughters, Ramona (left) and Juno (right).

iStock ImageThey are featured on tonight's episode of Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild on Channel 5 at 9pm

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