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How to enhance the Joy of sex beyond 60!

por Cathy Selleck (2021-02-26)

In order to discuss this topic, we need to take a little bit of time to establish that we are on the same page.

From the moment we have been born we have an innate knowing inside us about sex.

The fact that this is still dormant inside us doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Life is a journey and everything will be presented to us at the right timing.

When the farmer plants his crop, it needs nurturing and caring, so that the seedling can develop into its full glory.

It is important to know that from the moment we have been conceived, the thoughts, emotions and feelings our mother has around the topic sex, are being 'transmitted' into the foetus.

And a lot of people in the age group of 60 and beyond have been brought up with a sense of shame around the topic sex.

It was a 'forbidden' zone and depending on where you were located on the planet it was also being projected as something that was dirty.

Sex was an aspect of the duties you had to perform when in a marriage.

These projections and others will inhibit the male enhancement pills that doctors recommend and joy around a sexual experience.

These projections and the shame do undermine your Self Esteem.

Let's talk a bit more about this important issue of Self Esteem.

After all it will be a major contributing factor towards the issue on HOW to enhance the joy of sex beyond 60.

Seeking Self Esteem allows you to exist.

Seeking Love allows you to transform.

In order to transform you have to exist. The problem arises when you look for the Self Esteem out there instead of inside yourself.

This is the way it has been taught to you.

To give you an example: You do not decide if you are a good child, that's up to the father and mother.

You do not decide if you are a good student, that's up to the teachers.

And so on.


So over time you reinforce the message to yourself that you cannot trust yourself, but you can trust others!

Trust mother, she knows what is best for you.

Trust your teachers, they are teaching you the right things.

Trust the newspapers otherwise they wouldn't have printed it.

Your Ego wants to stay out of the limelight.

The Ego is opting for outside validation. So you are always searching out there in order to feel yourself good.

Outside validations are not bad, not wrong.

The problem arises when you use this outside validation as the source for your SELF ESTEEM.

Some try to be perfect. A lot of people have an issue with growing older.

They look into the mirror and they observe a wrinkle here and there, and they observe some extra layers of fat, or they are too skinny.

Let's run to the plastic surgeon. And see if they can fix me and let me keep on looking as if I am 25.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look and even requesting some help from a plastic surgeon. However the problem arises when we start to feed the negative ego.

Then we want to be perfect.

The results of this perfectionism are:

- Low creativity

- Low trust levels

- High guilt

Or the opposite is created such as using age as an excuse that it is all over and it doesn't matter anymore.

Would this process contribute towards enhancement the joy of sex beyond 60?

Then there is another topic which is important to realize.

When you choose to enhance your sex life, it is also important that your physical chemistry is in balance.

We have sexual bodies and, more importantly, have a nervous system that concentrates nerve endings in our genitals (twice as many for females).

Society should have no shame or fear of experiencing the joy of sex.

Especially at an age when we are applying desire to practise and may be accustomed to sex, and what that experience is for us individually.

It is normal to feel various degrees of fear and shame about our sexuality because of the many ways society views it.

Sexuality is essentially our individual perceptions of our experience to sensual pleasure.

Allowing yourself to experience a heightened awareness to your sexual experience through your senses and hence through your nervous system, and then processing that through your brain allows you the ability to create the sexual experience that you desire.

Essentially you have the ability to turn yourself on or off once you learn to channel your sexual energies!

Nature can teach a lot about the beauty and the natural regeneration process.

When we can accept the beauty of having a joyous sexual experience and allow the feelings to unfold, then this sexual experience is also regeneration for our level of energy and sense of well being we can produce.

How to enhance the joy of sex beyond 60 is a mixture of feeling good emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.

Depending on the personal situation you are in. You can be with a partner, or not.

When for one or another reason it wouldn't be possible to have the traditional sexual intercourse, then you can choose to be the explorer.

The choice is yours.

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