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Iranian cleric says Covid-19 vaccine turns people gay 

por Gavin Cisco (2021-02-27)

Donald Young, Choir Director at the Trinity Church of Christ, murdered in December of 2007, may also have been killed to eliminate a witness to Obama gay live cam sex and drug scandal and possibly was Obama's gay lover, says Wayne Madsen (waynemadsenreport).

'She cried for a long time': Jack's announcement follows him detailing his experience on coming out as gay at age 19 in an interview with KIIS FM'S Kyle Sandilands (left) and Jackie 'O' Henderson (right) on January 18

What did she think about Kyle's show being cancelled after one of his guests committed suicide?

'I was shocked though not surprised. But I don't think you can trivialise someone taking their own life because of one appearance on a show. 

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The Larry Sinclair statement about Barack Obama's gay sex and crack cocaine drug use is validated by Australian, David John Oates, who pioneered "reverse speech" lie detection in 1984. In 24 years Mr. Oates has never once had an example of someone lying in reverse.

Nathaniel appears alongside an all-star cast in It's A Sin on Channel 4.

All five episodes are available on All 4.

One of the main difficulties same-sex couples face is that they are still prohibited from marrying in many states throughout the US. Because of laws that say single people may not adopt, it is impossible for a gay couple to adopt a child unless they move to a state where marriage or same-sex adoption is permitted.

Their unique touches and personal approaches blew me away, left me tingling with excitement and almost brought a tear to my eye.
A wonderful way to unite and celebrate two people in love, I have always and will continue to support the great work Interfaith Ministers do around the UK."

'It means love is love,' Slaton said of being pansexual in a preview published on

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