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Little Known Ways To Self Defense Keychaine Your Business In 30 Days

por Juana Sand (2021-03-01)

self defense weapons : If you’re looking for a way to defend yourself at any moment, look no further than self defense keychain self defense weapons. These covert non-lethal weapons are small enough to clip onto your keychain or carry in your pocket. Always easy to grip and use at a moment’s notice, a self-defense keychain for women and man provides peace of mind for any situation.

Pepper Spray: You can also protect yourself with a pepper spray keychain self defense . Pepper spray is non-lethal, but it temporarily blinds your assailant so you can run to safety.self defense Keychain pepper spray is great for runners.

Cat Ear Weapon: self-defense keychain will fit around your knuckles. These self defense weapons have two sharp ears that will pierce skin in the event of an attack. Cat ear self defense weapons are not legal in states like California that do not permit brass knuckles (which typically extends to all knuckle weapons).

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