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Different Types of Sunglasses Frames

por Shana Freeling (2019-09-17)

Sunglasses are not only just for eye-protection; they also add a certain panache to your look. When you want to look good for an occasion, you necessarily want only the best. That is why it is imperative that you choose sunglasses that complement the occasion; otherwise, you end up looking unflattering. We have a lot of styles to sort out before we can really pick styles that goes well on different occasions.

But there are so many shapes and sizes that it is essential to understand which style goes with what occasion and what season. Here are some of the most popular styles of wooden polarized sunglasses that have evolved over the years:

The Club master: These retro frames were also coined by Ray-Ban. They are inspired by the 50's brow line sunglasses trend and have rounded lenses with larger, statement-making upper rims. These upper rims are often made of plastic and thin wire rims around the bottom. They offer a particular element of nostalgia but still maintain their ability to command attention.

The Aviator: The Aviator was originally designed in the 1930's to shield US aviators from the sun's intense rays when they were up in the air. But they got unusually popular after releasing. The Aviator was further made famous by celebrities like Paul McCartney and Tom Cruise. The classic Aviator frame is made of metal and has a double or triple bridge.

Round Frames: These frames are rounded or perfectly circular with the same lenses and frames. They give off a cool; hipster meets vintage vibe. Round frames are traditionally associated today as being the frame of choice for those seeking a vintage edge.

Clear Frames: Clear Frames are so effortlessly cool and are available in many brands, which offer most classic sunglasses shapes and styles with transparent frames. These trendy styles update any look and add a modern and minimalist swagger to your outfit.

Mirrored Lenses: Mirror lens sunglasses brought an 80's coolness to modern styles. These are rainbow-colored lenses which shift in color at every angle, giving a dreamy shimmer. The mirrored lens is considered one of the biggest trends in eyewear and they have an ability to add a dimension of youthfulness, fun, and surprise to one's everyday wardrobe.

Colorful Frames: Colored frames add an unexpected pop of color to any outfit. They give an element of fun without being too garish.
Make sure that you choose your eyewear carefully. The above-mentioned sunglasses are styles with the perfect balance of classic and trendy flare that will last for years to come. Make sure the pair is armed with UV protection too. Now go get some flair in one of these trendy pieces.

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Wearing sunglasses is not only a style icon but also strongly connected with your personality. Emily Clark is an expert on generating fashion contents. Her article provides a perception of the latest fashion trends and tips which guides her readers to buy the right products.

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