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Melbourne club ordered to pay $3,000 after race discrimination

por Maryjo Beet (2020-11-24)

A young man refused entry to a Victorian nightclub has been awarded $3,000 after it was ruled he was discriminated because of his race.

Ivan Kibet, who says he is of 'African appearance', was the only one of his friends turned away from the Empire Club in the Melbourne suburb of Narre Warren on October 7 last year.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal senior member Bernadette Steele said on Thursday he had 'suffered humiliation' and 'hurt', soi cau xsmb as she ordered the club to pay him compensation.

Ivan Kibet (pictured) was denied entry at Melbourne's Empire Club last October, after bouncers claimed it was a 'members only' night - all his white friends were allowed in

Mr Kibet was with an all-white group, bar one person of Indian descent, when he attempted to enter the club.

While a few of his companions were allowed entry without question, he and two others were told it was a 'members only' night and they were not permitted.

The trio changed their clothes and on a second attempt only Mr Kibet was refused entry, with his friends later noting that most people inside were of Caucasian appearance.

Jonathan Leota, head doorman, said he had 'picked up on a mannerism' that meant he did not want to allow the friends into the club, but Ms Steele said CCTV showed the group were 'unremarkable looking' and not acting in a boisterous manner.


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'The most immediately obvious thing about Mr Kibet, in a crowd of white people, is that he is not white,' she said in her ruling.

'Given that none of the innocent explanations offered for excluding Mr Kibet were at all likely on careful examination, I was satisfied that he was excluded from the club because of his race, specifically his appearance.'

Mr Kibet said he felt hurt and humiliated following the incident, had received treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and cut ties with his Caucasian friends to reduce his sense of shame.

'I wanted to hide myself,' he told the tribunal.

'I had just been treated as if I was from an inferior background opposed to all my friends and all the Anglo guests who were provided entrance.'

The club was ordered to pay Mr Kibet $3,000 in compensation and to train its door staff in discrimination law before June. 

The Empire Club (pictured) in in the Melbourne suburb of Narre Warren has been forced to pay Mr Kibet $3,000 in compensation after he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from the incident 


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