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Advantages and Methods of Weather Forecasting

por Claire Bracegirdle (2020-11-28)

Weather forecasting is required for a wide variety of reasons: from ensuring ideal industrial settings to making sure it's a good day for a game of soccer! An important part of forecasting weather is making sure that we are prepared for any natural calamity and can take appropriate precautions. The aviation industry depends greatly on the weather in order to have a comfortable and safe flight. Similarly, the marine industry needs to stay up to date with current temperatures in order to function effectively and avoid impending disasters.

There are several ways in which weather is forecasted. Synoptic forecasting is one of the most common methods whereby meteorologists identify the current trends of the weather and make a prediction for the next few days to come. Conversely, statistical forecasting is all about understanding what the weather was the same time the previous year and uses that data to make predictions. The latter is generally used to determine average rainfall or snowfall that a place might get in the current year. This is crucial to understanding the impact on the food and agriculture industry and the kind of precautions that need to be taken in order to avoid a negative impact. Weather in UK can often reach into the extremes during winter and there needs to be a monitoring channel in place to be prepared in advance for the implications and to know exactly what to expect. Another modern method of weather forecasting is computer forecasting. Forecasters enter weather data into a computer program that uses algorithms to predict future weather based on past results. Often, this method cannot be used alone as different machines and programs might provide different results. It is important to use this in combination with other forecasting methods.

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