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The Magic of Vedic Astrology

por Sabine St Clair (2020-11-28)

Meaning of the term "Vedic Astrology"

Vedic itself means the language of Vedas. Vedic Astrology is the modern name given to the ancient structure of astrology known as "Jyotish" in Sanskrit. 'Jyoti' means light and 'Isha' means lord. Jyotish as a whole word means 'the knowledge of light' or 'the lord of light'. It is around 5000 years old traditional astrology of India. Vedic astrology is the earliest form of astrology and has not yet changed over these years.

What exactly is Vedic Astrology?

It is the most diverse and extensive astrology among all methods and sciences. It covers each and every phase of human existence and gives the most accurate results. It is surrounded with everything that includes, healing, psychology, religion and spirituality, predictions and so on.

Vedic Astrology is a process of Self-Knowledge, Self- realization and Self-healing through Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta that provides the insights on understanding of the Karma to work with them and surpass them.

Signs and Houses in Vedic Astrology

There are twelve signs distributed in the twelve houses of the horoscope. The signs are different from the signs of western astrology. The signs in this astrology are called the moon signs and are different from the sun signs. If a person is born in the last five days according to the western astrology, then that person might fall in the same category of the moon sign. The nine planets ASTROLOGER IN Vancouver different houses are placed according to the birth day, time and date of a person; this is known as the Birth Chart.

The houses in the chart are grouped into four parts as: Dharma, Kama, Artha and Moksha. Dharma signifies Duty and Responsibility of a person, Kama means Desires of a person, Artha means Wealth and Moksha means Enlightenment.

The main idea that lies behind this Hindu astrology is the building of good Karma and fortune. According to the Karma, We all have some unique combinations of these strong driving forces Dharma, Kama, Artha and Moksha in our lives.

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People are often frustrated about their predictions being wrong or inaccurate sometimes. The main reason behind this is the wrong sun sign

People are often frustrated about their predictions being wrong or inaccurate sometimes. The main reason behind this is the wrong sun sign. A wrong prediction is of no use for a person. I order to gain the accurate results and to determine the correct sun sign of a person with the help of astrology, one need to understand the relation between the Vedic or Hindu Sun signs and the Birth date.If you wish to know your most accurate future predictions with the help of , visit .

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