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Garbage men dress as Frozen during Rhode Island Halloween snowfall

por Brett Guest (2020-12-02)


Garbage collectors dressed up as Frozen characters in Rhode Island last week as the tail end of Hurricane Zeta brought unusually early snowfall to the Ocean State. 

Snow started falling in parts of the state just before Halloween as Zeta moved from the Gulf Coast through southern New England bringing with it cold, wet and windy weather. 

Northern areas including Woonsocket were blanketed Friday while Rhode Island police were called to respond to multiple minor snow-related accidents on the roads. 

This marked the first time in nine years Rhode Island has experienced snowfall by Halloween and one of only 16 times during the month of October since 1900.  

Rhode Island experienced Halloween snowfall for the first time in nine years this year and some garbage collectors dressed for the occasion, sporting Frozen character costumes for the holiday season

Garbage men were caught on camera dressed as Elsa, Anna and Olaf from Disney film Frozen

ISSN: 1980-5861