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ASK TONY: £186 vanished after my Wayfair account was hacked

por Chong Tunbridge (2020-12-07)

The homewares website Wayfair emailed to inform me my account details, including my email address, had been changed. 

q=1210<strong>2195374531<\/strong>\' =I tried to check my account but my password had been changed so I was unable to do anything except see the new delivery address.

Five items had been purchased and my account showed £432.85 pending. I called my bank, NatWest, asking it not to pay this fraudulent transaction and was told to contact Wayfair to cancel it.

Passing the buck: Homewares website Wayfair claims it is Natwest's responsibility to refund a fraud victim but the bank says Wayfair is responsible and must return the money

I cancelled the debit card so no further transactions could take place. Wayfair said it would cancel the items that had not yet been put out for dispatch, 카지노사이트 and that the other items would be dealt with later. It said I might have to ask my bank to recover the money. Two items were cancelled, and £245.98 was refunded.

I contacted Wayfair about the outstanding amount, but it said my bank must raise a dispute as it was card fraud so NatWest was responsible. The bank said it was Wayfair's mistake and the firm must refund the money.

M. K., Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.





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Tony Hazell replies: Do you click 'Yes' when a website offers to store your card details? I don't. I've seen far too many instances of websites being hacked and card details compromised.

Your Wayfair account was hacked, and this is why NatWest told you to seek a refund there.

A NatWest spokesman says: 'We are sorry to hear that Mr K has been the victim of fraud.

'As it was his account with Wayfair that was compromised and not his NatWest card, we were unable to refund his loss. But we have supported him in resolving his claim with the retailer.'

Even after my intervention, Wayfair's customer advocacy team told you they still felt the best course of action was for your bank to initiate a chargeback on your card. However, they agreed to refund the outstanding £186.87.

Your Wayfair account has been locked for security, so you will have to set up a new one if you still wish to use the retailer.

Its statement reveals that, even now, it still doesn't accept responsibility. A spokesman says: 'We were able to refund the items that had not yet shipped, and while the bank is responsible for the remaining amount, the incident has now been resolved amicably.'

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