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Nike Mercurial EURO 2012 Comfort And Fit

por Rachael Merriman (2020-12-19)

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Once more, 유로88 Nike gained all the attention by its 8th edition of the incredibly popular Mercurial line.
The Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII is so impressive for many reasons. One of the most remarkable features is the comfort and fit this cleat offers. Start from the Vapor IV, the Mercurial Vapor seemed to getting wider and wider by each new edition. It is not a bad thing.

But now, Nike went back to the tight fit design of soccer shoes, making the Vapor 8 a very tight fitting shoe that hugs your foot very tightly. In this respect, Vapor 8 is similar to Superfly III.

In approaching to the Euro 2012, Nike released new models of Nike Mercurial Euro 2012 of Vapor 8.

All models in this collection are crafted having a Euro 2012 logo shadow on the upper. There are several colorways have been released. The white/red one is the leading colorway. Apart from the colorway, these Nike Mercurial Euro 2012 soccer shoes contain the same technologies with normal Vapor viii.

Vapor 8 is easily one of the most comfortable and well fitting lightweight soccer cleats on the market.

Part of the reason for the comfort is the new shape, which allows for a tighter fit, but the main reason for such great comfort has to be the new Teijin synthetic upper. The Teijin upper that has been used on the Vapor has pretty much stayed the same ever since it came into existence, but on the Vapor VIII, it is Teijin 2.0.
This version of the Teijin upper is much thinner, much softer and more flexible than past Vapors, and is truly and honestly the first ever Vapor that is game-ready from right out of the box.

The midfoot of the shoe is about a medium width at best, while the toe box is significantly smaller and a little more pointy than what you might be used too.

The slightly shaper toe may cause some confusion about with sizing, but trust me when I say that these fit true to size. From brand new, the sides of the toe box are very narrow, which does not allow the front of your toes to push up against the front of the shoe, as they should.

Overall, I can say with confidence that the Vapor VIII is one of the most comfortable ultra-lightweight soccer shoes on the market, given that you have the correct foot for them.

The latest Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII are released in a new colorway contained in Nike Clash Collection which was released for the .

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