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Vastu Consultation for Residence

por Jacinto Guy (2020-12-24)

Vastu Consultation for Residence
Our Vastu consultants in Chennai will visit your premises, understand your requirements and would advise you on the right methods and principles to be followed on residential vastu for drawing room. You can also visit us at our office located at Annanagar to understand more about our services on residential vastu consultations. Residential Home Vaastu is an area of immense interest to our team and hence you might be able to receive vastu tips for your house. We are very different when it comes to principles, methodology and application compared to other Residential vastu consultants and our priority is only "you"

1. Selection of residential plot
2. Vastu for building construction
3. Interior planning of the house
a. Positioning of the pooja room
b. Living or drawing room
c. Bedrooms
d. Study room
e. Dining room
f. Kitchen
g. Bath room
h. Toilets
i. Verandah
j. Staircase
k. Upper floor
l. Basement
4. Septic tanks
5. Drainage pipeline
6. Water Source and Storage
7. Open space
8. Parking
9. Trees
10. Landscaping
1. Planetary Energetic Grid Theory / Sacred Geometry
2. Becker-Hagen’s Grid
3. Ley Lines – Spiritual Significance – Magical & Holy Lines
4. Hartmann Net / Hartmann Lines
5. Curry Lines
6. Black Lines
1. Natural EMF
2. Artificial EMF
3. Electrical Field
4. Magnetic Field
5. Electro Magnetic Spectrum
6. Electro Magnetic Waves
1. External energies
2. Different kinds of hauntings
3. Residual Haunting
4. Intelligent Haunting
5. Malevolent Energies and their Hauntings

ISSN: 1980-5861