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Businessman 'used dummy testimonials to promote £1m parking scam'

por Finley Noriega (2021-01-09)

Asad Malik, 38, allegedly used websites in broken English to dupe holidaymakers into paying for car parking services

A businessman used dummy testimonials and cut-and-pasted terms of service to promote his £1million airport parking scam, a court heard. 

Asad Malik, 38, used a photo of a hospital 400 miles away to trick travellers at Gatwick Airport into thinking their cars would be safe before dumping them in muddy fields, petrol stations, and even a mosque, it is alleged. 

Pakistani businessman Malik is accused of making misleading claims on websites for valet parking firms Easy Meet and Greet and London Gatwick Parking. 

Malik told the jury at Lewes Crown Court other parking companies outsourced work to his firms. 

He claimed terms and conditions were copied and used on his websites.

'Those are approved by trading standards, I took from there,' he said.

He said he used testimonials supplied by another airport valet parking service on one of his booking websites. 

Malik said the customer reviews were genuine although some were dummy ones used as examples by his web developers in Pakistan. 

He admitted some other testimonials were fake, saying: 'Those are dummy testimonials.

Pictured: One of the muddy fields close to the Gatwick runway where Malik allegedly kept cars 


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One of the websites used a photograph of the Borders General Hospital in Melrose, Lewes Crown Court in Brighton heard

'These are not my customers.

'These are example ones.' 

Keir Monteith QC, defending, asked him if other testimonials were correct, and Malik said 'yes'.

'All came on Easy Meet and Greet website or we collected their cars at the terminal and they left a comments to us.'

Mr Monteith asked Malik about poor grammar and spelling on the sites.

The barrister said: 'Under the Our Services heading, it says "You can see few services blow".

Did you ever check this?'

Malik was alleged how to sell cbd have left customers' vehicles in muddy fields as part of a car parking scam

'Not word by word, no,' Malik said, later adding: 'English is not my first language.'

Malik said he instructed his web developers to remove references to CCTV as 'the cars we were parking had no CCTV'. 

Mr Monteith asked the businessman where testimonials on the sites had come from.

'Compare Parking Deals Ltd,' he said. 

'We were providing parking to this company customers.'

Earlier, the jury heard Mr Malik had used a photograph of a hospital 400 miles away to trick travellers into believing their cars were safe when they were dumped in muddy fields. 

This is said to be one of the fields close to Gatwick Airport used by Malik which had been touted as a secure location, with CCTV and valets working on site

Some of the cars came back damaged, while others did not come back at all, prosecutors say

The jury were told one of the sites tried to pass off a picture of a car park at the Borders General Hospital in Melrose as one of their secure locations.

Malik set up his first Gatwick valet parking firm in October 2014, and his companies traded for 20 months, he told the court.

One holidaymaker saw his Mini on a TV news bulletin while he was in Spain, the court heard.

Asad Malik denies six counts of variously making fraudulent claims, engaging in misleading commercial practise and unfair commercial practice between 2014 and 2016.

The trial continues. 

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