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Serbian riot police batter rock-hurling protesters outside parliament

por Jenifer Acker (2022-07-24)

Police used batons and horses to disperse rock-throwing protesters in Serbia's capital last night as violence erupted for a second day amid claims that the president is manipulating the coronavirus crisis for his own gain.

President Aleksander Vucic brought in one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe in March in order to combat the virus, before prematurely declaring victory in May and lifting almost all restrictions - just in time for the election.

He won the June 21 vote by a landslide while continuing to insist that the virus was under control, before quickly reversing his stance and announcing that lockdown would have to be reimposed - sparking riots.

Vucic has now backtracked on the plan to reintroduce lockdown, but anger over his handling of the crisis and allegations that he covered up virus data during the election continues, with protesters fighting running battles with police in the capital Belgrade.

The protests have united people from both the left-wing and far-right in anger at Vucic, and saw activists attempt to storm the state assembly building. 

Protesters throw projectiles at riot police outside Serbia's National Assembly building in Belgrade during a demonstration against a weekend curfew announced to combat a resurgence of COVID-19 infections

Protesters set flares alight as they swarm the National Assembly building in Belgrade wearing face masks

Demonstrators face security forces during an anti-government rally in Belgrade, Serbia, today after President Aleksandar Vucic backtracked on his plans to reinstate a coronavirus lockdown

The clashes happened a day after protesters fought running battles with police in the capital and tried to enter the country's parliament after Vucic announced that a weekend curfew would be reintroduced two months after it was first lifted

Riot police armed with batons and riot shields battle protestors charging Serbia's National Assembly building in Belgrade today

Police vehicles are pictured during an anti-government rally, amid the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in front of the parliament building in Belgrade

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