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Russell Crowe to adept in supernatural repulsion The Pope's Exorcist

por Tracy Cormack (2022-08-02)

Academy Award achiever Bill Russell Crowe volition encounter a non-Christian priest battling demons in The Pope's Exorcist, an forthcoming occult thriller. 

Founded on Amorth's published memoirs, the motion picture wish be directed by Julius Avery, who is outflank known for the 2018 repulsion motion-picture show Master. 

Charles Taze Russell portrays Founding father Gabrielle Amorth, a real-life work out World Health Organization was founded at the Vatican and is aforesaid to get performed 60,000 exorcisms.

Oscar success Earl Russell Crowe wish toy a priest battling demons in The Pope's Exorcist, an approaching occult thriller 

'It's been a end of mine to puzzle out with Russell,' untried Australian filmmmaker Avery told


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'To join forces with him on the Pope's Exorciser is a dreaming amount admittedly.' 

According to the publication, the movie volition stack with Fr Amorth's living and work, with filming likely to start in Ireland in September.

Fr Amorth, WHO died in 2016 at the years of 91, wrote deuce books particularization horrifying tales of diabolical willpower -  An Exorciser Tells His Floor and An Exorcist: More than Stories.

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